kicks off on 29 October with 200 free online events including cinema, comics and entertainment

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Until the end, the organizers of Lucca Comics & Games hoped for a mixed edition for the one they renamed Lucca Changes, but from today to November 1, thanks to Rai and Repubblica, we will be able to see a lot of free events, including two panels on the Diabolik by the Manetti brothers.

It is useless to go around it: for those who, like myself, for years used to immerse themselves in the chaotic, cheerful, crowded and very noisy atmospheres of Lucca Comics & Games, it hurts today to think that we are here to write about a (inevitable) virtual version. And this year it won’t even rain, okay. To console us, however, it must be said that we can assist from the comfort of our home, free of charge, thanks to Rai and Repubblica, to a flood of events that in presence we would probably not have been able to see. We summarize the main ones, reminding you that the festival, renamed Lucca Changes in this unique edition (we hope) starts Thursday 29 October and ends Sunday 1 November. These some of the events that we report, but since will be more than 200 we advise you to go directly to the site Many VIPs are present on site or remotely, from Ascanio Celestini ad Amanda Sandelli which debuts with the show Lucrezia, gives Miss Keta a Max Pezzali ed Elettra Lamborghini… make yourself a calendar and don’t miss them. All events will be visible on the aforementioned platforms but also collected on the Lucca Changes website.

  • As for the cinema we report two unmissable events organized by 01 Distribution that even in such a particular edition, does not renounce to be present in the schedule of the event with three directors who in their career have always combined the languages ​​of cinema and comics and will be the protagonists two special online panels. I Manetti bros., a couple of directors and screenwriters who signed successful films and series, afterwards Love and Crime return to the big screen with Diabolik and will be the protagonists of a meeting dedicated to the myth of the King of Terror. During the online panel Behind the Diabolik Mask, the Manetti bros. with Mario Gomboli e Roberto Recchioni will tell what lies behind their new film: from the comic book genesis to the making of the feature film, passing through the first film adaptation of Mario Bava, the animated series and the parodies (November 1, 2.00 pm)
  • The second appointment by 01 Distribution is with Gabriele Mainetti, director of the acclaimed They called him Jeeg Robot and the highly anticipated Freaks out. Mainetti will tell his passions, his cinema, his relationship with Lucca and comics in a meeting entitled Gabriele Mainetti – Passion of Lucca, moderated by Gianmaria Tammaro. Both online panels will be available on the website, which will aggregate the offer of the most popular streaming platforms. As a consequence of the new Dpcm in force since Monday 26 October 2020 which decrees the closure of cinemas, and in the climate of uncertainty of the entire sector, the preview of the exclusive contents of Diabolik and Freaks out is canceled.
  • In partnership with QMI, the events of the Movie Area: let’s start Friday 30 October at 5.00 pm with a special digital panel dedicated to the protagonists of the third and final season of Suburra – the series, available October 30 on Netflix. The director Floria Sigismondi will present the anticipated horror film The Turning – the house of evil (October 30, 19.00). But also the online masterclass where Matteo Rovere will present Romulus, the TV series created by Rovere himself, which he directed with Michele Alhaique ed Enrico Maria Artale and produced by Sky, Cattleya and Groenlandia, from 6 November on Sky and streaming on NOW TV. And the exclusive preview documentary Romulus: making of a legend, produced by Sky and Greenland, directed by Marco Pianigiani and written by Emanuele Cava which can be seen soon on Sky and NOW TV (Saturday 31, 16.30), as well as an online talk with the director Gabriele Mainetti, who will reveal the secrets behind his latest effort, Freaks Out (Saturday 31, 18.00).
  • The Giglio Theater and San Girolamo Theater become the extraordinary sets for events in streaming from Lucca. Lucrezia Forever! – the Graphic Novel Theater show directed by Francesco Niccolini and performed by Amanda Sandrelli, freely inspired by the character Lucrezia by Silvia Ziche will be staged on October 29th at 9.30 pm (exclusively on RaiPlay). Among the other unmissable events: Skeletons in T-shirts, Skeletons in wardrobes – the chat, realized thanks to the collaboration with Bao Publishing, with Zerocalcare on the brutality of daily life, on the evolution of friendship and on the mysteries that last decades (October 31, 3.30 pm); a exceptional live performance with a concert designed to celebrate the Italian release of Aldobrando, the new long-awaited graphic novel by Gipi with spectacular drawings by Luigi Critone, who will draw the cartoon characters live on the notes of the Concentus Lucensis ensemble (Linda Severi, Elisa Severi and Fabio Tricomi) and will range between various genres of medieval music (October 30, 6.30pm); and then again, in collaboration with Yellow-beaked, the appointment with Elettra Lamborghini – Queen of Comics in which the singer presents the first cartoon for children of which he is the protagonist with live drawing by the authors and moderation by Mario Moroni (November 1, 3:30 p.m.). It will be special the meeting with Max Pezzali by title Something new and something classic, a dialogue with Roberto Recchioni to talk about the new album of the singer-songwriter but also about the icons of the 90s, from backpacks to car radios, passing through Dylan Dog and 883 (October 31, 9.30pm). The meeting Get out of the way if you want to live long will see protagonist Riccardo Zanotti, frontman of the Nuclear Tactical Penguins, revelation group of the last Sanremo Festival, to present his first novel “AHIA!”, published by Mondadori (31 October, 20.00). On the occasion of the release of the new book by Pera Toons, an event of pure fun that will see two champions of laughter together on stage, Pera Toons e Dario D’Angiolillo, together for a unique show in which a cartoonist and a comedian collide to the sound of jokes (October 31, 9.30 pm)
  • As for the comics and more, a quick excursus: The future of events with Domenico De Masi, Alfredo Accattino, Babrara Moussier (author of the homonymous volume Hoepli 2018, forecast research conducted according to the Delphi method) and Fabio Viola (Sunday 1, 11.00 am); Feltrinelli Comics presents: Leo Ortolani or how I learned not to worry and to love quarantine (October 29, 21.00). In collaboration with Edizioni Star Comics Behind the scenes of Edens Zero: intervista a Hiro Mashima – Hiro Mashima, the famous Japanese mangaka author of international bestsellers such as Rave – The Groove Adventure, Fairy Tail and Edens Zero, tells his Italian fans in an exclusive interview in which he will reveal curiosities about his work, about his life private and its mangaka secrets – (October 31, 20.00); Memeco Arii – Showcase – The acclaimed mangaka author of the hugely successful Boys Love Hitorijime My Hero e Hitorijime Boyfriend will perform in a live drawing exclusively for his Italian fans (October 29, 20.00); Coconino Press presenta Seth’s Worlds: Clyde Fans and Other Stories – One of the masters of North American comics talks about his recent novel-river for images “Clyde Fans” in a dialogue with his translator Leonardo Rizzi – (November 1st at 1pm). 24 Days Comics – Dado and Sio will draw their last table of the “24 Days Comics” live – (31 October, 17.00).
  • In collaboration with Kleiner Flug: Art and comics are getting closer and closer – To reflect on the link between art and comics, which is getting stronger year after year, Kleiner Flug, Eris Edizioni and Lucca Changes have gathered around a “digital” table Gradimir Smudja, Danijel Zezelj e Giuseppe Palumbo, authors who constantly live the relationship with art in their works; Learning from the Nine Old Men: A Journey into Dan Haskett’s Art, one of the most important animators currently in business, formed by the so-called “Nove Vecchi” (Nine Old Man) of Disney (October 31, 5pm); Frank Espinosa: from the USA to Italy through the Hidden Sea of ​​Rocketo – Frank Espinosa is a world-class personality: he worked for Walt Disney Animation and was Art Director at Warner Bros, where he redesigned the Looney Tunes characters (November 1, 13.00). And again Eris Edizioni presents Ales Kot: from the visionary magic of The Surface – Matteo Contin interviews Ales Kot. On the occasion of The Surface’s release in Italy, the author will talk about his creative universe, the evolution of his work and the themes that return in many of his works – (October 30, 6pm); Hurricane vs Stefano Zattera: two generations compared – Two of the most important authors of the Italian underground scene confront each other, led by Andrea Voglino, on their creative universe and on the different formats of comics (November 1, 17.00).
  • Beccogiallo presents The small, wonderful world of Liz Climo – Live from Los Angeles, Liz Climo, with her adorable animals, tells us about her work, her little secrets and her latest book dedicated to mothers – (October 29, 6pm); Bao Publishing presents Ortolani law on Friday 12 – A quarter-century-long missed love story, read and told by its brilliant creator Leo Ortolani – (October 1st, 3.00 pm); finally Panini Comics presents the following selection of digital events: F *** king Sakura: KAMPAI! Aperitif with the author, the author Giulio Macaione talks with the editor Marco Ricompensa and retraces the pages of his latest work, in a virtual journey in the land of the Rising Sun – (October 29, 6pm), Mickey & Co, towards a great 2021 – news from newsstands and comics, from Disney Classics to PK’s 25th anniversary – (October 30, 13.00); Empyre: Behind the Scenes of Marvel’s Cosmic Event of the Year! – One of Marvel’s stars of the moment, the Brit Al Ewing, in 2020 he was co-author with Dan Slott of the event miniseries Marvel Empyre and is currently working with Valerio Schiti on SWORD, the series that will debut at the end of the X of Swords mutant crossover maxi-event – (November 1, 4 p.m.). Then the cartoonist Bad comics e M ¥ SS KETA will be protagonists of the panel M ¥ SS KETA and Fumettibrutti – Gender Power in the name of equality and gender identity moderated by the journalist Marta Perego (October 30, 6pm).


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