September 7 is nine years since one of the most horrific days in the world of hockey. The entire KHL team of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl died in a plane crash on September 7, 2011, taking a total of 44 lives.

The accident occurred at Tunosha Airport in Russia, near Yaroslavl, when a Jak-42 plane carrying Lokomotiv to the season opener failed to take off. The plane did not get enough height and collided with the antenna at the end of the runway.

The plane, which had split in two due to the force of the collision, fell like fireballs into a river at the end of the runway.

Only two people were lifted from the river to survive. Team striker Aleksandr Galimov and machine technician Aleksandr Sizov was rushed to hospital. They had been sitting at the back of the plane.

Sizov survived the accident, but Galimov died five days later. 90 percent of his skin had burned.

Demitra, Salei, Liv …

Lokomotiv was full of well-known players from a total of nine different countries. Perhaps the best known in Finnish were the former NHL star Pavol Demitra, Belarusian defender Ruslan Salei and the Swedish national team keeper Stefan Liv.

During the anniversary, they, like the whole team, have been remembered in various media. One of the stories told by Russian newspapers concerns the attacker Ivan Tkatshenko, who was Yaroslavl ‘s own son and team captain.

After the death of 31-year-old Tkatshenko, it emerged that he had donated large sums of money to cancer patients over the years and done so anonymously.

His last donation, 500,000 rubles (at the current rate of about 5,600 euros), he had sent a 16-year-old with leukemia Diana Ibragimovan to the mother’s account 15 minutes before the departure of the machine.

– It’s hard to find words to describe Ivan correctly and perfectly. A man with a big I. The city has not forgotten its hero, writes.

There is a school in Yaroslavl named after Ivan Tkatshenko.

One was imprisoned

The official accident investigation report marked the captain and coxswain of the plane guilty of the accident. According to the report, the coxswain had unknowingly applied the brake during the ascent, which led to the accident.

There were signs of a sedative banned from the pilots in the coxswain’s blood. There were also shortcomings in the training of pilot aircraft pilots.

The deputy director of Yak-Service was passed in court Vadim Timofejev, who was sentenced in 2015 to five years in prison. However, he was already released in 2017.

– Unfortunately, those responsible for the accident were never punished, the editor of writes a little enigmatic.

“You are with us forever”

KHL did not play matches for a long time on the seventh day of September, but now the date has been released again. Five matches are scheduled for Monday.

Lokomotiv is not playing. Instead, it released the last sunny picture of that lost team in Some.

– You are with us forever. You are in our hearts, the message came.