Key week for Brexit: Britain on the brink of leaving the European Union without a deal

There are 45 days until the end of the transition period. It is the deadline to know if the United Kingdom and the EU manage to bring positions closer.

Britain decide your future with the EU this week, with his prime minister Boris Johnson in quarantine for having been in contact with a deputy with Covid, when he must relaunch his government. Until Thursday they have time to organize the chaos in which the Brexit negotiations find themselves, when the European heads of state meet in Brussels, who will decide whether or not to accept a free trade agreement between the kingdom and the EU.

There are 45 days until the transition period ends. It is the deadline to know if Britain leaves with or without an EU agreement, when there is a power vacuum in the British government, Boris must change his team after the expulsion of Dominic Cummings and Lee Cain, the super Brexitiers, the need to restart a link with his conservative party, the kingdom enters a brutal recession and not you can get out of the pandemic.

In this Shakespearean theater of Brexit, any chance can happen. Above all, MPs must accept yes with their legislation on the rewriting of Brexit, rejected by the Lords in a revolt led by conservatives such as John Major and Ken Clarke.whether or not they violate international law, that the EU will dispute in court if confirmed, or withdrawn.

Boris planned to relaunch his government on Monday, after the departure of the super Brexitiers, and reconcile with his parliamentarians and the party. But he and nine other MPs are in isolation because of the coronavirus from a lawmaker, who tested positive on Sunday. All of them had been elected for the first time in the last election and are mostly Labor Brexitiers, who decided to vote Boris against Labor Jeremy Corbyn, in the north of the kingdom.

Negotiations for Brexit resumed on Monday in Brussels between Sir David Frost and European negotiator Michael Barnier, after a crazy week in London, where there was no progress. But there are versions that the British negotiator, Sir David Frost, could resign if the option is not the promised Brexit and he has warned Prime Minister Johnson.

In the EU they consider that Cummings’ departure could tip Boris Johnson “To make their positions more flexible”, to the detriment of his tough Brexitier team. Fishing and playing field regulations are the big disagreements so far.

Boris could turn the board, modify the line imposed by Cummings, the ideologue of Brexit, and try to achieve a Brexit light, which the now expelled super adviser did not allow and was blocking in the British Parliament.

This week the Brexit rewriting law, which the EU does not accept but neither does President-elect Joe Biden, must be discussed this week if Britain wants a free trade agreement with the United States. They consider that this Internal Market law, which the House of Lords rejected and must be dealt with in the Commons, is a threat to the Good Friday agreement. This agreement guarantees peace in Northern Ireland that the United States defends and creates a border between the north and the south of Ireland.

For the Irish, Boris’s position is playing into the disintegration of the UK. Northern Ireland can decide by referendum to be part of Ireland. And the idea of ​​a new referendum in Scotland advances to decide independence or not with Great Britain.

This crisis is fueled by the new world that is being born, with the triumph of Democrat Joe Biden in the United States and his opposition to Brexit, the defeat of President Donald Trump, who sponsored the free trade agreement with Great Britain if they left Europe , Y the appearance of the first vaccines that can globally control the pandemic.

Boris wants to relaunch his government, get closer to legislators but he is isolated because he was in contact with the virus. In fact, he was isolated because he met without masks with the deputies he wants to seduce.

It’s the worst week for the kingdom, with a power vacuum in Downing St, Cummings briefing against Boris and his girlfriend Currie, who helped eject him, and a desperate conservative party.

Europeans who negotiate believe that “It’s too late for a deal.” There is a lack of trust between one another. If the British Parliament does not bury the Brexit rewrite law, for them there will be no agreement.

“We are working hard to get an agreement but there is a lot to do,” Sir David Frost said at the end of the negotiations on Monday.

Irish Chancellor Simon Coveney warned that the negotiations “are not in a good place” on fishing rights.

“We are in the last 10-day week of this. If there is no major breakthrough this week, I think we are really in trouble and the focus you’ll need to prepare for a no-deal exit of trade with Great Britain and the disruptions that that will cause, ”Coveney said.



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