Key: Teams should have engineers, not photographers

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One of the main topics of this season was the methods of outright copying of other people’s developments, which were used by Racing Point, creating the RP20 car. In fact, this year the team’s racers from Silverstone compete in last year’s Mercedes W10s, perhaps built by Racing Point and painted pink by its Austrian sponsors.

We closely followed the development of this story, which ended with Renault’s protest against Racing Point being satisfied, the cars of this team were found to be inconsistent with the sports regulations, it was deprived of 15 points and was fined 400 thousand euros. Both sides threatened to file appeals, but ultimately abandoned the idea.

It makes no sense to retell all the twists and turns of the series about the “pink Mercedes”, but the key point is that the FIA ​​took a whole range of measures, in fact, outlawing the so-called reverse engineering technology.

The new rules will go into effect in 2021 and McLaren CTO James Key sees this as an important step in the right direction, but believes the rules will need to be refined and supplemented in the future.

“This is an extremely difficult topic. But I believe that at the moment the wording of the rules that we have received makes it absolutely clear that what happened this year should not happen again, – said Key in an interview with RaceFans. – Definitely, this is the wrong approach.

After all, the teams should include designers and aerodynamic specialists, not photographers, 3D masters, etc. I think that this is clearly reflected in the rules. Everyone agreed that in our time, when technology allows very accurate copying of surfaces, such a detailed explanation is a necessary step. “

The rivals drew attention to the fact that in the new nose cone of the MCL35, the developments of other teams are also quite clearly visible, but Key is convinced that McLaren’s approach fully complies with the rules: , crash testing and everything else, it is clearly the intellectual property of McLaren.

But there are still levels in this area that deserve further elaboration. I know that the FIA ​​tried to take into account as many different aspects as possible in a very short time, and I must admit, they coped with it perfectly.

But the picture is much broader. If everything was limited only by the appearance of the car, it would be too simple, and then the cars of all teams would seem much more similar. A lot is connected with the level of knowledge, understanding of the methodology of engineering search, the approach to creating a machine – all this is extremely important, the efficiency of your work depends on it …

Therefore, it would be correct to try to make further adjustments to the wording of the rules … Although you cannot stop talking over a cup of coffee, and I do not know how it is possible to regulate this in principle. Anyone can step aside and have a quiet conversation.

Previously, there was no such form of interaction between teams. She appeared in the last ten years. And before that, everyone tried very hard to keep their secrets. It would be nice to come back to this, I believe that this is real competition. “



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