Kevin Magnussen We Have Speed ​​Problems

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The Haas F1 cars looked good in the first training session in Mugello, but problems arose again in the second session. Roman Grosjean actually missed training due to power plant problems, while Kevin Magnussen showed the penultimate time.

Kevin Magnussen (19th): “Great track: very fast, with lots of high-speed corners, it’s a pleasure to fly here. The results could have been better, but I liked racing here. Unfortunately, the car lacks speed.

G-forces in high-speed turns are very high, the neck muscles have a hard time. Moreover, here you cannot just tilt your head, as in fast turns on other routes. It will be difficult, but I can handle it. This is an old school track. There are no asphalt safety zones here, any mistake has serious consequences, but this only adds to the cool character of this track. “

Roman Grozhan (20th): “I believe we can do better. We need to work with the first, 12th and 15th turns – we have problems there, and everything is fine on the rest of the circle. I was not able to drive a long series of laps and did not conduct a simulation of qualification, and this is not the best situation on an unfamiliar track. I don’t have much information.

Mugello is a good track, even great – fast and smooth, the riders have fun. On Sunday, there may be problems with overtaking, but now we do not care – we just leave the track and try to drive quickly. In my opinion, we played five seconds compared to my last visit to this track. “

Günther Steiner, team leader: “Friday started well. We completed the program, and it seemed to us that the car is a little faster, that we are doing better than in Friday’s workouts in Spa and Monza. But in the second session, difficulties began again.

After a series of laps on the first set of tires, we had to stop Grosjean’s car due to a failure in the electronics of the power plant. Kevin tried to deal with the car. On the fast lane it is always important to feel confident in the car and gradually gain speed. “



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