Real TV beauty Kelly Osbourne, 35, published some pictures of themselves in August with considerable slimming. Instead of full-body films, Osbourne published a lot facial images of themselves. Her fans were born to congratulate her on a hard weight loss contract.

Later, in the Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn podcast, Osbourne admitted that instead of watching physical rush and eating, the pounds have shed because he has undergone obesity surgery. He said he had undergone exactly gastric sleeve surgery two years ago.

– I don’t care what shit people have to say about it. I did it, and I’m proud of it, Osbourne found in the podcast.

In surgery, part of the stomach is removed. Osbourne has said he is extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery.

– It changes the shape of the stomach. I went to it (in surgery) almost two years ago. I’m never going to lie about it, never. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.

The weight has since dropped to a whopping 38 pounds.

Osbourne also reminded in the podcast that surgery is not a panacea for weight loss. Weight will start to rise equally if you don’t exercise and eat properly, even if you have had surgery.

– It just moves you in the right direction. That is, anyone who is considering something like that should really think about it.

Osbourne went to therapy for a year before surgery to get rid of the mental problems associated with weight gain for him.

Now Osbourne has been immortalized in fresh pictures walking down the street in Hollywood. She was wearing skin-hugging dark pants and a gray t-shirt that revealed a slender essence.

Osbourne has also said openly in the podcast that he has taken injections to treat his chin. He sought injections for help with dysfunction of his biting body. According to Osbourne, the drug injections made the shape of his chin considerably narrower.

Osbourne has been aiming for a healthier lifestyle for years. When Osbourne competed in the Dancing with the Stars competition in 2009, she said she lost nine pounds.

A couple of years later, he posed on the cover of Shape magazine and told how “He finally did it”.

In 2017–2018, he was weaned due to drug use. As can be deduced from the new updates, Osbourne has since caught up with life again. Last year, he participated in the U.S. Masked Singer program.

Source: Daily Mail