True TV star, singer Kelly Osbourne, 36, posted pictures on social media in August in which he posed much slimmer than before.

Since then, Osbourne has revealed in the Hollywood Raw with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn podcast that instead of physically punching and observing eating, pounds have shed thanks to obesity surgery.

Kelly said she underwent gastric sleeve surgery two years ago.

– I don’t care what shit people have to say about it. I did it, and I’m proud of it, Osbourne found in the podcast.

Kelly has said she is extremely pleased with the outcome of the surgery. His weight dropped a staggering 40 pounds.

This is what Kelly looks like now:

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Slimming has also caused old swings to crawl out of their cavities.

Kelly recently said in The Talk that she gave as many as seven Packs in one day. All the men who poked her were the ones Kelly herself had fallen in love with before, but who had rejected the plump woman.

– All of them had an earlier comment on my approach attempt: He’s awesome but too fat, Kelly says.

The fact that he is now rejecting the same men is revenge:

– When these types are now looking at my life, when I lost weight, I’m not that.

Kelly on Ozzy and daughter of Sharon Osbourne. He has become acquainted with the television series The Osbournes, which ended in 2004.

Source: Mirror