Kelly Key tells how she lost 15kg during the quarantine: ‘Intermittent fast’

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Kelly Key interacted with fans on Saturday night (10) and told how she lost 15kg during the isolation to stop Covid-19. The singer detailed the weight loss process and explained what she did to eliminate the pounds: intermittent fasting and healthy meals. When explaining to fans about intermittent fasting – a practice already adopted by Juliana Paes – Kelly said that she had to reduce the number of hours without eating. “My severe weight loss came from the quarantine, because I kept doing intermittent fasting. It was always 14 hours, I managed to reach 16. I tried to reach 18, but it was unpleasant for me. Then I stayed in 16 hours, which was already good enough, “he said.

Singer bet on healthy food and hearty meals

The fitness muse said that the time without eating, a method considered healthy by nutritionists, started to make her lose weight. “Fasting has always helped me to maintain weight but, for a while, it made me lose weight. The gym closed, I started training at home, and I thought I would have to close my mouth and control food, otherwise I would explode. Then I started fasting and three meals a day: lunch, snack and dinner. Sometimes I didn’t even snack, only my lunch and dinner were big, really big meals! I ate rice and beans in large quantities, a lot of salad and a big piece of protein with cheese sauce on top “, added the youtuber.

Kelly Key wants to gain 5kg: ‘I need to go to the gym to work out’

However, Kelly Key did not approve of the body’s result after weight loss. “No, no [gostei]. I am urgently looking to gain 5kg. I was playing with my husband who I’m eating like a runaway. But there is no point in gaining that kind of weight either, I don’t want to. I need to go to the gym to work out, get heavy. It will work, “he said.

Kelly Key counters criticism of slimmer body: ‘Less, dear’

Recently, Kelly Key received criticism from a follower because of the slimmer body in the photo in which the famous shows the belly when wearing a top. “I used to think you were a big woman, but nowadays it’s just bone,” said the user of the social network. “Less, dear, much less. If I depended on the opinion of others to feel good, I was depressed. So, if you don’t have something nice to say, keep the trash with you”, shot Suzanna Freitas’s mother, constantly praised for his physical form.


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