The corona situation greatly affected the financier Kauko Röyhkä’s finances. The gigs disappeared from the calendar at once. The canceled gigs immediately felt in the wallet. Röyhkä said that earlier in the autumn he had to sell his guitars due to the corona situation.

Now Röyhkä has come up with a new business idea – he makes songs for ordinary people and companies to order. A respected musician will talk about it On Facebook.

– I need the subscriber’s e-mail address, spouse’s or other dear first name, which I will match to the song. Otherwise, the lyrics will be poetic and positive in the style of Laura or the Woman of Songs, yes you know. Prices are € 1,000 demo and € 2,000 band version. The song can delight a loved one on an anniversary or otherwise, the musician says about his product on Facebook.

Röyhkä made the release yesterday and already now there have been a dozen orders. The idea is based on large tax breaks that fell on Röyhkä. More than 7,000 euros had to be paid.

– Yeah, there were big tax breaks, so I had to get money from somewhere. Book work becomes something, but it goes to life, Röyhkä tells Iltalehti.

The idea of ​​the arrogant has been welcomed with joy. Orders have come at a steady pace since the announcement. Röyhkä is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The man is known for his numerous works.

– Fortunately, there have been orders. Orders have come to birthdays, for example, someone wants to remember their wife and someone asked the taxman for a song. Even an ad-type order has come, at least for a travel entrepreneur and a real estate agent, the musician goes through the orders that have been received.

New ideas

The musician makes two versions so that as many people as possible can order the desired song.

– I offer a home demo, where I play several instruments myself, and then a studio version, where I make a recording with the band to the end, Röyhkä tells Iltalehti.

For him, the new project also offers something new to think about. At the same time, the desk drawer pieces get a new opportunity.

– This is a new challenge for me too, because I have to go to other people’s worlds by order. It’s been a lot of fun. Inspiring. I’ve had songwriters waiting for some idea and now those ideas have then come, the musician rejoices.

Gigs have been canceled in large part due to the new coronavirus. However, the musician doesn’t want his gigs to act as a corona spin.

– The gigs have been largely canceled. I just released a new album with Sami Hynninen and we should do a great gig. On the other hand, we don’t want our gig to grab a crown, the singer sums up his feelings about the current situation.

Order copies help in a new situation.

– There are already a dozen agreed things. Let’s see now if they are all true. I send the song to a preview so people get to decide if they want it. I don’t want to rob people, Röyhkä talks.

Kauko Röyhkä (real name Jukka-Pekka Välimaa) is one of Finland’s best-known rock musicians. The most famous songs of Röyhkä include, for example Laurale, House by the sea and Bad country. In addition, he is known as a writer. She is married and has three children.