Vocalist Katy Perryn, 35, and actress Orlando Bloomin, 43, a baby girl was born on August 26th. The daughter was named Daisy Dove after the parents’ twist, which means daisy and dove in Finnish.

Perry and Bloom have kept their daughter out of the public eye. Only one picture of the little one has been published, in which he holds his parents hand. However, Bloom has said the little one has inherited his mother’s blue eyes.

Perry returned this week from maternity leave to TV work. He serves as a judge in the American Idols singing competition. Perry shared photos of the gorgeous, tailor-made outfit for her in American Idol filming.

Perry was wearing a cow-patterned outfit, suggesting that he himself produces milk for his offspring. Perry joked about her cowhide images shared by some attached. You can see more pictures by clicking on the right side of the picture.

– Mother milk is back at work, Perry wrote in fluent Finnish.

Perry’s body-hugging outfit has sparked astonishing comments from her fans. Only a few weeks have passed since the birth, and the star looks sloppy. The difference is staggering compared to a body shot taken shortly after giving birth, which Perry shared in a sommy.

– You look so beautiful. I can’t believe you’ve just had a baby, one commenter is blabbering on.

– You don’t have to train any more, the other says.

– Mother of the Year, third praise.

– This mother is glowing.

– Goddess.

When he returned to work, Perry praised his wife Bloom, who meanwhile was taking very good care of the couple’s baby.

– It’s hard to be away from home these first few days. But Dad does his job well, Perry noted.

Reportedly, Bloom has taken care of feeding the little one a bottle.

– I am so grateful for this opportunity and for this work. It’s awesome to be able to inspire other people to chase their dreams. My life now feels really full and complete, Perry described his feelings when he returned to work.

Bloom said in an interview last week that Daisy Dove is an easy baby who sleeps well at night.

Source: Female First