Katri Haapanen (formerly Sorsa) once rose to prominence with reality TV shows. Haapan later became a mother, and she studied to be a Sunnis. With the change in life, Haapanen withdrew from publicity.

Now, with his Instagram account, Haapanen tells openly how he is taking another step in his life by quitting his job as a Suntion of Korso Parish. He says working hours were becoming so awkward that he ended up with a difficult decision.

– Suntion’s work is more to me than just work. That is why it was difficult to make a decision and give up the possibility that next year I would work at Korso Church in the role of suntion. I would have had too many evening and weekend shifts and for that reason I had to make a heavy but right decision. Our time here is valuable and it is good to think about where to spend that time, Haapanen writes in his update.

Haapanen says that he once went to study as a Sunnis because he wanted to grow up as a person and find a certain kind of humility towards life. In his update, he thanked the employer profusely for allowing this.

– I went looking for many things and through my profession I found what I was looking for. So humble thanks to the church and Korson. Don’t ask, “What are you going to grow up?” Ask, “What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up?” I found the answer to that. Thank you so much, Haapanen writes.

He says he has achieved his goals in recent years.

– I’ve been working 17 years and have seen the entertainment industry, founded his own company and worked as a manager in three different companies for many years. Suntion’s work raised me the most as a person.

Although Haapanen once withdrew from the public eye and turned a new page in his life, he has shared his high profile on social media. In recent years, Haapanen has told about his daily life and family life on social media.

Helping as a calling

In the summer of 2019, Haapanen told Iltalehti how she had set up a Facebook group with her husband during her maternity leave, through which they delivered lost food and clothes to those who needed them. At that time, Haapanen enjoyed helping others and wondered what he would like to do with his life.

– Then I realized that, oh yes, I am already as a child wanted to be at work in the church priest, deacon or in the role of the verger, Haapanen told in the summer of 2019.

At the time, she also said she regretted the fact that she once included her children in public. Otherwise, he won’t regret his years as a reality TV star.

– It was my mocha and I have to live with it, he said at the time.