Real TV star and glamor model Katie Price recently traveled to Turkey for a dental operation. Also Price’s boyfriend Carl Woods new dental equipment on the same voyage.

Now the couple has shown up with their new smile on the red carpet. Recent photos show that both Price and Woods now have bright white smiles.

In August, Price released a video on her YouTube channel revealing the condition of her teeth. Price has had artificial teeth for years, which is why his own chewing stock has been honed into narrow pillars.

In addition to the apparently successful dental visit, Pricella was also unlucky on her trip to Turkey, as she broke both legs as a result of the accident. He jumped down from the climbing wall of the amusement park and broke both of his heels in a failed descent. The woman’s both legs were cut and she got into a wheelchair.

This week, Price showed up with Woods on the red carpet, though the wheelchair is now slowing down. The duo presented their satisfied white smiles as the paparazzi photographed.