Ahead of the world premiere of her new film, “Ammonites,” Kate Winslet told Vanity Fair that it was a shame that Hollywood surrounded the two controversial filmmakers, Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, with the greatest respect for so long.

Woody Allen was accused by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, of sexually assaulting her as a child, and Polanski was arrested in 1977 on charges of raping a 13-year-old girl, writes Agerpres.

“I wonder what the hell was going on in my head when I worked with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski?” Winslet said. “It’s incredible from my point of view how these men have been surrounded with so much respect in the music industry and for such a long time. It’s damn embarrassing. And I have to take responsibility for working with both of you. I can’t turn back time. I struggle with regrets, but what is left for us if we can’t be really honest about this? ”

Winslet’s comments are different from those in an interview he gave The New York Times in September 2017, ahead of the “Wonder Wheel” premiere at the New York Film Festival, Indiewire recalls. Winslet, an Oscar winner, argued in favor of her collaboration with Allen at the time: “As an actor who gets a role in a film, you have to step back and say, honestly, I don’t know anything. or if anything in this whole story is true or false. After reflecting for a while, you put it aside and simply work with that person. Woody Allen is a wonderful director. So is Roman Polanski. We had a great collaboration with both of these directors and that’s the truth. “

The role in “Ammonites” changed Winslet’s views on the kind of roles he wanted to pursue in his career.

“It made me really aware when it comes to honoring the voice that women want to get in movies and the way we really want to be represented, regardless of sexual orientation,” the actress told Vanity Fair. ” Because life is damn short and I want to make every effort to set an example for younger women. We leave them a world upside down so I would like to do everything I can to have true integrity. ”