Spotify each time it presumes new ways of enjoying music so that the experience does not stop only in listening to it, but also includes being participants her.

In this way, months ago he enabled the function of real time lyrics, which has served to know what those songs that we like so much say or to sing them accompanying the track.

But it is also a function that leaves a feeling that something is missing, something that invites us to further exploit the possibility of read the lyrics in real time and sing it.

Something like … a modo karaoke.

But it seems that the wishes of a karaoke in the comfort of the app will soon be a reality, because according to a report by Trusted Reviews -supported in a screenshot that researcher and leaker Jane Wong began to distribute-, Spotify is working in a modality with which we will stop missing sing at the top of your lungs while the melody accompanies us.

From these captures a case applied with the song ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley emerges, where we see in the lower left part of the screen a microphone icon while in the center is the lyrics of the song.

The following image shows that the volume of the vowels It can go down or go up.

Spotify is working on the modo karaoke. The level of the vowels is adjustable ‘, Wong’s tweet reads.

Of course, ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ by Rick Astley is the song that is used par excellence for trolear everyone on the internet and this may just be a joke.

But the truth is that Wong is serious with the information it publishes.

What is not clear is whether the modo karaoke it is being tested only with certain users or if it will be a general release in form.