Kanye West has shared a video on her Twitter account in which one of her numerous Grammy Awards has been thrown into the bathroom. In the video, West urinates over the prize.

– Believe me … I’m not going to stop, West tweets.

If the tweet is not visible, you can watch the video from here.

This was the decision of a longer eruption, during which West, among other things, violated Twitter’s rules by sharing Forbes magazine’s editor-in-chief. Randall Lanen phone number.

– If any of my fans want to call a supporter of white supremacy … This is Forbes’ editor-in-chief, West wrote when sharing Lane’s phone number.

Lane interviewed the crab star in the July issue of his magazine shortly after he announced he was running for president of the United States. In addition, West has been in its snakes for the magazine because it refuses to classify him as a billionaire.

The fight against record companies

Forbes magazine got its share of West’s Wednesday eruption, but his real target is the music industry and, on a personal level, his record companies Sony and Universal.

Earlier in the week, West declared himself the new Moses. He accused the music industry and the basketball series of the NBA of being modern-day slave ships.

“I’m not going to watch my people enslaved,” West shouted.

If the tweet is not visible, you can visit it from here.

On Wednesday, alongside his Grammy tweet, he continued his fight against record companies. He took a stand on practices and agreements in the music industry that marginalized musicians.

Westin points out that musicians actually have very little power because record companies own their work. He shared dozens of screenshots on Twitter of his 2011 deal with Universal.

Apparently, West wants to get master recordings of his music from the record company himself so he gets full control over his own music.

– BLACK MASTERS MATTER, he declares, bluntly referring to the slogan “the spirit of blacks matters”.

He later argues that record companies don’t tell you what his master recordings cost.

“Universal doesn’t tell me what my masters are paying because they know I can afford to buy them,” West tweets.

West adds that he is too influential to be silenced.

During its spill, West also accuses the media of trying to kill black heroes like Michael Jackson.

Kanye West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.