Kamala Harris: “We did it Joe”

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“We did it! We did it Joe! You are going to be the next president of the United States.” Thus he has congratulated Joe Biden Kamala Harris, the until now Democratic senator who this Saturday has done history by becoming the first woman, first black and first Asian-American chosen as vice president from United States. And perhaps much more: the 77 years with which Biden arrives at the White House give his number two an importance that other lieutenants did not have.

She herself has posted on Twitter the video with the moment of the call. She is seen wearing a sporty outfit and a big smile on her face that then bursts out laughing. The 56-year-old is the perfect match for Biden, the fresh, renewed air the next president is missing. He faced her in the Democratic primary but they are joined by a old friendship Y great personal chemistry, As a result of the close relationship that Harris developed in his time as attorney general in California with his colleague from Delaware, Beau Biden, the first-born son of the Democratic candidate who died in 2015 from a fulminant brain tumor.

The daughter of immigrants – a Jamaican father professor of economics at Stanford University and an oncologist mother born in India – belongs just like Biden to the moderate sector of the Democratic Party but it has the respect of the most leftist sector of the formation. Although many considered that she was too harsh as a prosecutor due to her proximity to police unions and that did little to reform the penal system, in recent times it has been gaining points in Washington, where in the upper house it has been one of the main promoters of the law to end police immunity.

Defense of social justice

During the pandemic, he has vigorously defended black families. When anti-racism protests took to the streets following the assassination of George Floyd, Harris marched with the protesters and became one of the most far-sighted voices in the world. social justice in Congress, where he has promoted laws to make lynching a federal crime. He has also championed generous social policies in response to the pandemic.

All of this worked in favor of his election as Biden’s number two, coupled with the decisive role black voters played in resuscitating Biden’s moribund candidacy after its disastrous initial results in the primaries. “If you don’t elect a black woman in 2020, you will lose the election,” hundreds of public figures, from academics to rappers, warned in a letter to Biden.

Passed by 84% of Democratic voters, Harris’s appointment was whipped by the Republican Party, which has not stopped presenting as a “radical“to the woman who is very close to the Democratic ‘establishment’ that Biden represents. Trump reached for the dictionary of insults that he usually dedicates to women and called her” disgusting “,” false “and said of her that she is a” one crazy woman”.

Not be the last

“Kamala is smart, tough, experienced, a woman who has fought for the backbone of this nation, the middle class, and is ready to rule from day one,” Biden has said of her.

According to the magazine ‘Politico’, at the age of 13 he already showed signs of his character by leading with his sister a protest in the apartments where he lived in Montreal so that children could play on the lawn, achieving that their demands were accepted.

In her autobiography, Harris recalls that her mother raised her and her sister to be “proud and confident black women.” Now that the goal has been achieved, he has a huge task ahead of him, and the responsibility falls on his shoulders to make good the motto that his mother instilled in him: “You can be the first, but make sure you are not the last.”



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