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Kamala Harris, 56, will become the first female vice president of the United States, after Joe Biden won the presidential election against current Republican President Donald Trump on Saturday after an exhausting race.

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Harris, who is now a senator for California, was the running mate of the Democratic Biden. In addition to being the first female vice president, she will also be the first black vice president and the first vice president with an Asian background.

The vice president is the second highest political office in the US after the president. Harris will replace Biden in her absence as Vice President. She will also become the president of the Senate. The vice president also succeeds the president if he resigns, is impeached or dies.

In the run-up to the election, Harris herself was also running for president, but decided to throw in the towel when she could no longer compete with the other Democratic candidates at the time. In March this year, she expressed support for Biden and has been committed to his campaign ever since.

Her career is characterized by several firsts. Before becoming a senator in 2016, she was the first female district attorney in San Francisco. She then became the first female attorney general of the California State Department.

Since the death of black American George Floyd as a result of police brutality, Harris has often spoken out for racial equality and police reform. She is known in the Senate for her fierce performances.



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