KalPa gave Kärpi, the league leader, real shock treatment with crush numbers 5–1. The loss was the first of the Oulu season.

– Yes, it tasted good, KalPan’s 19-year-old defender Kim Nousiainen smiled.

– A good, own game was played. As a top five, they defended and attacked well and through that got a little over the neck. Underperformance worked, even with overpowering came success and the goalkeeper game was good, he listed the key factors for victory.

– It’s a pretty nice looking game then. It didn’t come as a surprise to us now. It was known that one could play such a game if one could reach one’s own level.

Two goals

Nousiainen’s contribution to the victory was significant. He was the power player of the match with two goals.

Reserved by the Los Angeles Kings last year at number 119 in the NHL, the under-18 world champion opened his season goal in the first set with a 1-0 hit.

– I went to support the attack, and (Alexander) The screen gave a good leave. I got to shoot a little off the legs, and the puck went to the back corner, Nousiainen repeated the stylish hit he had slammed from the back seat.

Kai Kantolan After scoring 4-1, Nousiainen surprised the fly guard Patrik Rybarin once more and finalized for the final numbers 5-1.

On Saturday, KalPa will meet HPK in the guests. The great Kärpät victory gave the people of Kuopio more self-confidence.

– Of course it does. It’s nice to start playing again, Nousiainen confirmed.

KalPa has started the season strongly by taking three three-point wins in their first four matches.