JYP announced on Wednesday that it has decided to lay off the head coach as a result of the co-determination negotiations. Pekka Tirkkonen until the end of December. Also an assistant coach Ari Santanen has been laid off.

CEO of JYP Risto Korpelan According to him, a drastic solution was reached when Tirkkonen and Santanen did not agree to salary reductions.

– We presented the coaches with a salary reduction as well as the players and other staff. The club made a proposal. They stated that they could not commit to it, Korpela tells Iltalehti.

Korpela does not want to reveal how big the pay cut is for players and other staff.

– There is no need to comment on it further. This is a significant return from the players.

According to Iltalehti, JYP’s players and the staff of the office have not been satisfied with the work of Tirkkonen and Santanen. According to the allegations, the coaches “came to work and went home, and nothing happened between them”.

Korpela remains silent about the allegations.

– I don’t really know where the information came from. There have been no such discussions, he says after the silence.

Cashier empty?

JYP’s financial situation is critical.

The club cut wages as early as last spring. The situation deteriorated further when JYPille lätkäistiin in September the tax mätkyt almost half a million euros.

Chairman Jukka Seppänen said on Wednesday For the Central Finnthat a drastic solution was necessary. Otherwise, Hippos would have put a patch on the hatch.

– For JYP, there were two options. Either remains in history as a gang that ends the club. Or we make these heavy solutions. It didn’t take much to think about which path to choose, Seppänen commented.

– With these measures, we will secure operations until the end of December. We will survive.

Korpela said that he was “on the same lines” as Seppänen. Part of the reason for the difficulties are the audience restrictions.

JYP’s viewer average for the first season is 1731 pairs of eyes. It shows ugly at checkout.

– Each game generates tens of thousands of euros in losses compared to normal conditions. It is only possible to calculate the amount of losses generated by match events.

If each match produced € 20,000 less than before the coronavirus, after 30 home games, the cash register would be € 600,000 less noisy than normal. These are probably even bigger sums.

– The conditions are necessary for these solutions. Let’s try to do things with which we can take the company forward, Korpela says.

JYP is ninth in the series. It has won only SaiPan and JYP this season.