JVG: n City Galle and Years will participate in the Jussi Gala tonight at the Helsinki Submarine Hall.

They, like everyone else, arrived on the red carpet in face masks.

– The sister sewed to fit the style, Ville Galle said of her red mass.

A film about the JVG duo will be released next year.

– It scratches the surface deeper and shows how much work is needed to become a popular band. Let’s take a look at the curtain’s life and more, Ville Galle said.

– There have been thousands of miles and hours on the road. Sometimes it’s tiring, but things still need to be taken care of. The material has been described for a long time. We ourselves still don’t know terribly what’s coming, Jare continued from the upcoming film.

She is also currently participating in the Dancing with the Stars competition.

– It’s been fun and now it’s at least time to take part. It would have been a pretty tough set for the gig vacation, the man chatted.

JVG’s gigs have indeed been canceled due to the corona, as have other artists.

– Now is the time to look back at what has happened here. Jare has danced, we have played sports and done music, the basics, Ville Galle told us about spending time at special times.

Sitting on the home couch, on the other hand, has reportedly not fueled creativity.

Ville Galle reportedly watches Netflix more than he goes to the movies, but he first comes to mind about Finnish classic films Konsta Hietanen starred Son and Ilves.