Welfare entrepreneur Jutta Larm, 47, first woke up this summer to the idea that he was becoming old. The thought haunted him. Wrinkles and thinning of the skin Jutta had noticed before – with external changes she is you.

But the sweating and hot sweeping waves in my body seemed to settle into an embarrassing part of everyday life.

– I have always been hard touhuamaan and now I’ve noticed the goings-on in the morning at home, that terribly heads it behind for a sweat! And I’ve never been hard to sweat while training. That symptom woke me up first, Jutta Larm tells Iltalehti.

– After that, I started to have problems sleeping. My dream was bad. I have previously slept like a log, now sleep quality was poor and wakeup at night.

Larm says he also noticed fluctuations in mood. Alongside the outbursts of stable Pacific mood and enthusiasm, there has also been more anger and annoyance than before. Sometimes it’s nervous – not really for any reason.

– Koen was active type, but I have engaged myself to manage my mind. My mind is stable. Now, I have experienced the situations in which taannun an adolescent moods, their own irritation and unable either to control so easily, Jutta says.

– If even at home I am looking for something at home, I may get frustrated faster and sneeze that “who has put it somewhere”. I have to work a lot with myself not to let emotions affect me. The serene state of being has begun to disappear somewhere.

Jutta says she’s having premenopause these days.

– I’ve always thought of menopause fifty-year byword, and an average of menopause must therefore Finnish women 51 years of age. For many, those premenopausal symptoms can start 5-10 years earlier, meaning it can affect a woman in her forties!

“Many times these are joked”

Jutta mentioned this to a friend who runs the Miss Finland organization Sunneva Kantolalle, who admitted to herself suffering from menopausal symptoms. In the midst of their pain, the women decided to set up Fitfarm’s Hot Waves online coaching on October 5, which would help women and create peer support for sisters wrestling with the same things.

– Talking about this will help. That, too, has raised questions about more when I have discussed with the experts of menopause. That list of symptoms that may be coming in is awful. It is important to dare to ask others and share experiences, Jutta says.

– However, menopause can affect so many things: mind, sexuality, and urinary retention. Many times these things are joked, but then when it touches its own self, it doesn’t even laugh that much. There is a need for those concrete instructions on how to even train your pelvic floor muscles or improve your own sleep.

Menopause conversations with my mother never took place.

– Annoying when I never had time to talk about these things with my mother. I never found out what menopausal symptoms she had. I remember how in his fifties he thought about eye bag surgery, but never then did he go. He thought it was no longer worth it. I don’t want to live myself by being submissive to what is. I would like to think that the best years of life are still ahead.

“I’m not in my twenties”

Age and menopause can also bring appearance pressures to the surface. The welfare entrepreneur says she has thought about how the female ideal acceptable on social media is “young, beautiful and tender”.

– Even if black tries to take a super good picture, you can’t take one. It must be accepted that those perfect Instagram pictures are the stuff of younger people. Why put on some strong filter and try to make yourself different from you? My own age gets to be seen, Jutta Larm says.

From spouse, design director From Juha Larm has become the support and approval of the matter. Jutta says the man stated that the tantrums and wrinkles brought over by the premenopause do not affect love.

– That information makes it easier for me, especially when Juha is still a few years younger than me and our age difference is this way. I myself learned it through to silence those critical voices inside my head, when some of its own imperfection Commented Juha has stopped me, and asked that I berated her he loved people.

Sexuality issues and reluctance are one of the symptoms of menopause. Trained as a sex therapist, Jutta has been familiar with tantric sexuality for years, and sees sex as more than just intercourse.

– That’s why I don’t hurt in that area. But I am no longer the kind of lustful woman in her twenties who is with a man all the time. Sexuality is a broader whole. After all, at this age, you can also find yourself in a whole new way.

“I’m on the way back”

Soon in her fifties, Jutta Larm says she has woken up to think about her own mortality.

– I’m on the way back, already lived more than half my life. It has been a really stopping thing. I have calculated that even if I would live for more than 90 years of age, life is left less than what I have so far lived. I really wondered what I would do. The big questions of life have come to mind more during this summer. For the first time, I thought I had become old. At least I know I’m not a young woman anymore.

Larm has wondered if he wants to change his life somehow. He has also wondered whether the perception of happiness has changed. Life is busy with the hustle and bustle of work and a new family life – Jutta, who is in pain during her menopause, is sometimes at odds with the adolescence of the family.

– That, too, is its own stage when children fly out of the nest. Yes, this is the kind of life stage that involves big changes. I’ve noticed it’s own acquaintances into.

According to Juta, losing weight and controlling it will soon feel more challenging in my fifties. Iltalehti said at the beginning of the summer that Juta had lost five kilos by listening to herself with gentle technology.

– Well, those pounds are back! Jutta laughs.

– The shoemaker’s child has no shoes – I find that I have become an enjoyer of life. During the corona, he noticed how a glass of wine and nice delicacies became a habit. KB augmented, and I am now once again posture on the go! It must be accepted that this, too, is probably now a part of my life.

The members have crept into rigidity with age, and Jutta said that exercise must be added to life.

– But I just don’t want my mother to keep herself in good condition until the end and always on a diet. I want to treat myself more favorably.