Any artist would be more than grateful to get three Grammy nominations, however, Justin Bieber has been quite puzzled due to the category in which their music has been classified.

“To the Grammys, I am very flattered that my work is recognized. I am very meticulous and intentional with my music, “the singer began in a post on his Instagram account.” I set out to make an R&B album. Changes was and is an R&B album. It has not been recognized as an R&B album and that is very strange to me. “

The singer added that he grew up “admiring R&B music and wishing to do a project that had that sound” and, therefore, “not having been put in that category” is “very strange considering that since the chords, to the melodies and the vocal style, going through the bass of hip hop this is undeniably and unmistakably an R&B album“.

“To be clear,” the singer ends, “I love pop music, but it’s not what I had done this time. My gratitude for being recognized for my work remains and I’m proud to be nominated anyway“.

In the caption, Bieber wanted to emphasize that he is grateful for having been nominated for three Grammys, but he does not understand why it was not in the correct category: “Please, don’t confuse this with ingratitudeThey are just my thoughts, take them or leave them. Thanks to the people who fought for me to have a nomination. “