Justin Bieber complained about the photos of him published by the media: ‘It’s very frustrating’

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The singer, who appears in a brand new premiere of his compatriot Shawn Mendes, was upset with the treatment they give to his image.

Justin Bieber is the guest figure of the new release of Shawn Mendes, Monster, which constitutes the advance of his next album, which will be available on December 4 and which united for the first time the two canadian pop stars.

But the truth is that simultaneously with his participation in the new work of one of the most popular and successful figures of the moment, who at some point was even designated as his successor, Bieber made public a rare claim.

Is that the singer, who at 26 has come a long way for someone his age, is somewhat annoyed with posting images They remind you of the worst part of your past more or less immediate, and tired of looking “unhealthy.”

This past Thursday, Bieber shared a Google search for his most popular photos in a Storie on his Instagram account and admitted that he was disappointed that most were from the premiere, in January, of his documentary on YouTube when he wasn’t feeling in his prime.

“I don’t know what is the algorithm by which certain photos appear, but this is really very frustrating, considering that it took me a long time to get healthy. And I feel like people are trying to sabotage me “, complained the artist

“That was a time when I was very unhealthy. I was battling Lyme disease, right? All the photos at the top are looking for me tousled, right? Obviously I was going through a difficult time“Bieber explained.

And he closed the circle of his reflection: “It’s like … These are the photos with which the media tries to attract attention. I don’t know if they do it because they have that intention … There are so many new photos that I have made available from the media, and they continue to use these photos. “

“It is like, ‘What is the deal…?’ It frustrates me. I wish they changed it. I have asked them to change it. I’ve done a ton of photoshoots since then and, yeah, they don’t have to put these photos, but they do … There are so many photos they can choose from … “, completed Bieber.

Meanwhile, as if it were a matter of weeding a past time in which scandals were the order of the day And the news about Justin had far less to do with music than with his incorrigible superstar attitudes, his wife, Hailey Baldwin, took advantage of his presence on the podcast of the model Ashley Graham to put some clarity around the beginning of his relationship with the singer.

The point, apparently, was to clear any doubt that there was something between them while Bieber still maintained his bond with Selena Gomez. The model – who finally married Justin, with whom they currently enjoy a full coexistence – clarified that their approach did not interfere with each other.

“People don’t know that we had been talking for a while before getting back together. Contrary to popular belief, he was single for a while and he agreed that I was single too, and we just tried to understand what life was about, “Baldwin revealed. And he tied a new chapter in the” plan. ” “image cleaning” of her husband.




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