Nationwide opinion polls in combination Democrats Joe Biden is 6.5 percent of the sitting president of the Republicans Donald Trumpia above. As late as Sunday, the difference was 7.8 percentage points in favor of Biden, according to the average of the polls.

However, the next president of the United States will not be resolved with national support. The result is decided in the so-called Libyan states.

The name Libra language has its roots in the fact that the support of Republicans and Democrats is very even in these states.

In each state, the candidate who receives the most votes receives all the voters in the state. For example, in the previous 2016 presidential election Hillary Clinton nationwide received about three million more votes than Trump, but Trump still became elected president.

Clinton won in the “wrong” states.

Bide in the lead

In key Libyan states, Biden is slightly ahead. He leads by one percentage point in Florida, Pennsylvania by 4.2 percentage points, Michigan by 5.1 percentage points and Wisconsin by 6.6 percentage points, according to opinion polls.

In contrast, Trump is in the lead in North Carolina by 0.6 percentage points.

The Economist’s forecast according to Joe Biden, there would be 350 electors and Trump 188. 270 voters are required to win.

The Economist considers it likely that Biden will win the election.

Similarly, the forecast site FiveThirtyEight calculates that Biden is the winner ‘s favorite, but the site considers it possible that Trump may also win.

Campaigning to the end

Candidates have campaigned until the end before Tuesday’s presidential election. On the last day of the campaign, Donald Trump will be touring in four Libra states in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Similarly, Joe Biden travels around Pennsylvania and Ohio. She is accompanied by her grandchildren who have traveled hard with her grandfather in recent days.

In Pittsburgh, Biden’s campaign will also feature a singer Lady Gaga.

Second election on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Americans will also vote in another extremely important election. New people are elected to Congress in the House of Representatives and a third of the representatives are elected to the Senate of the second “chamber” of Congress.

Republicans currently have a majority in the Senate, while Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives.

If Democrats get a majority in both chambers, they will be able to effectively stifle Trump’s initiatives if he wins the presidential election.

Similarly, if Joe Biden wins, he would have the support of the entire Congress and the legislative initiatives would go through more easily.