A couple weeks ago we shared with you a Picodi study where it was revealed the time a person had to work in different nations around the world to buy the iPhone 12 Pro inside cheapest version, that is, the one that will begin at 128 GB, as we keep in mind that there are also a 256 GB variant and a 512 GB version.

The study we shared a long time ago pointed out that the average net salary within our country is 10,621.56 pesos per month. Once these records were obtained, it was found which will Mexico occupies the first place on the list together with India as the countries where it may well take a person working the best to buy the iPhone 12 Pro, having 54.4 days to buy the item.

The days considered in this analyze reveal that users should not expend a single penny to buy the iPhone 12 Pro at that time. However, the Colombian mediaEl Momento also cites a similar study that features more countries, but agreeing in the time it would take a person throughout Mexico to buy the latest Apple telephone with the average salary.

How usually are things in Republic of colombia?

In Colombia the situation is no better than in other Which include American countries. In this market this iPhone 12 Pro of 128 GB is priced at 5 million 511 thousand 999 Colombian pesos.

Considering the above, Colombia is the fourth Which include American market where it is necessary to job the longest to buy this telephone (considering only the countries included together with added so far in the Picodi study).

In Colombia, 86.5 time must be worked to buy this device, plus its only surpassed by Peru together with 71.6 days, Mexico together with 54.4 days, and Republic of chile with 44.7 days.