Actress Mimosa Willamo has shared on Instagram Helsingin Sanomat title About 360 people are coming to the Jussi gala on Wednesday, according to Hus, private events for more than 20 people should not be held.

Under the heading, Willamo has written that he was waiting for a story on the subject.

– I expected and hoped from the Filmiaura that the line would be that only the candidates would come to the scene when there is no party, only the distribution of prizes. Instead, there came an email last week saying that the types being withdrawn will not get their money back, the dinner card cost 125-170 euros, Willamo writes.

Jussi is a Finnish film award founded in 1944. Jussi statues are awarded annually for the best achievements in Finnish cinema. Jussi is shared by the Filmiaura ry, an association of film professionals. Mimosa Willamo is a candidate in the Best Actress category.

He wonders the number of those invited. According to Willamo, there are less than 50 candidates. However, he wonders why there are more than 300 invitees.

– The submarine cable hall is big and the safety distances are sure to be successful, but I still don’t understand why there couldn’t be significantly fewer calls? That the candidates come to the masters for the duration of the broadcast and then leave? It says here that partners are also coming to the scene? Why? Isn’t this year weird enough to limit the invitees to a minimum?

You can see Willamo’s release as well from here.

Korona moved the annual awards gala from March to October. The live broadcast will come from Helsinki Cable Factory on Wednesday. About 350 guests are expected to arrive.

Jussi is shared by Filmiaura, which has more than 450 members in various film positions. The organization has emphasized that it wants to act responsibly and, as the organizer of the public event, follows in detail the safety instructions issued by THL, AVI and the Ministry of Education and Culture.