The Pelicans overthrew the Flies in numbers 1-2. The last time the people of Lahti had celebrated a victory in Oulu was in November 2016.

Fly attacker Jussi Jokinen was on top after the match.

– The guy was better today. Didn’t get to my level properly.

Especially the opening round of the match was careless play from Kärpi. However, the home team sharpened their play to the start of the second set, but the grip slipped during the set for the Pelicans.

In the second half of the batch, the bags also got a taste of the paint. Iikka Kangasniemi deprived the disc at the corner and bait Jonathan Tanukselle, which got to hit the puck completely freely past Justus Annusen.

At the beginning of the third installment Alex Lindroos took Pelicans on a two-goal run away with his sharp weft.

No excuses

The flies only got to train with the whole team the day before the match. However, that did not explain the weak performance in Jokinen’s opinion.

– Should have been better, I’m not going to explain anything. The result must be respected, Jokinen said.

The flies opened their finish line with just over five minutes left in the third set. Miihkali Teppo placed the puck in moderation Patrik Bartosakin guard the finish line. Preliminary work on the finish was done Jari Sailio. The flies managed to chase the handicap by six against four, but no more hits were seen in Raksila.

If Jokinen now had a mind on the ground, it was nothing compared to the feeling after the previous match. After KalPa’s loss, Jokinen, like the rest of the team, heard that Kärpi had been diagnosed with a corona infection.

– Everyone was disappointed when this is a new situation for everyone. But it is now this everyday that we live. Everything is done as well as it can, so bad luck that the infections came to us.

Happy times

The quarantine that followed the infection was a rare pleasant time for the veteran attacker, and the time did not last long.

– The kids had a fall vacation, so I got busy with them. I was also able to train outdoors and visit the gym in a small group.

The well-begun season of flies has received many bumps in recent weeks. The challenges will not end, as the team will travel as the next guest at the top of the series, Luko.

– The season started well and now there have been a couple of weaker games. Now all you have to do is work to get the course translated, Jokinen said.