Juliano Laham undergoes surgery to remove tumor: ‘Doctors are optimistic’

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One of the invited participants for the painting “Dança dos Famous”, by “Domingão do Faustão”, Juliano Laham had to leave the competition to take care of his health when he discovered he had a tumor. This Sunday (25), Fausto Silva gave more details about the disease and said that the artist has already undergone surgery. “Juliano was operated on and the doctors are very optimistic with the full recovery. The tumor was removed entirely without affecting the kidney. He should be discharged soon,” said the presenter, who after commanding the attraction of his home, due to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, in August he returned to present the Sunday of the studios of TV Globo, with virtual audience and mask dancers.

Juliano Laham regretted leaving the program

In a video recorded especially for the attraction, Juliano Laham regretted his early departure from the competition, but thanked him for having discovered the disease in time to take care of himself. “I really wanted to be there together with you dancing a little forró on this wonderful stage, but unfortunately, or even happily, I discovered a disease. Soon, I will be fine, I will operate soon, have the surgery”, he said, at the time, without specify the tumor site. And he asked: “I count on your prayers, the affection. I want to take the opportunity to thank you immensely, Faustão, and all your team that has taken care of me with great care and love”.

Juliano Laham’s tumor may affect heart

The tumor discovered by Juliano Laham is benign, but needed to be removed because it has the potential to affect the heart. To the official website of “Domingão do Faustão”, doctor Isabelle Bussade gave details about the disease: “It is a benign tumor, but it has the capacity to produce substances that in very high doses in the blood can stimulate the entire cardiovascular system. They can bring pictures of hypertension, arrhythmia, tachycardia … a series of changes linked to the heart and blood vessels, and also neurological changes “.

Danielle Winits suffered a foot injury

Shortly after Juliano Laham announced his departure from the program, Danielle Winits also warned that he would need to stay away from the competition. “I was actually walking on my back and when I was going to turn around on my walk, the sneaker kind of broke on the floor and didn’t follow the natural movement of my foot. I heard a snap. As if I had torn something inside. of the ankle. In this case, it was just a ligament confirmed after the resonance. I confess that the sadness was much greater than the pain itself, because I was well warmed up as I always insist on being before starting the rehearsals “, lamented the woman André Gonçalves, who also participates in the competition.

(By Carmen Moreira)


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