Juliana Paes swimwear look: actress wears curtain top with rings and hollow panties

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Actress delivers secret to give an ‘up’ in the butt

Adept of aesthetic treatments, Juliana invests in a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and a regular routine of physical activities, such as muai thay and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) training. The actress has also had a treatment to give an “up” in the butt. Called Radiesse, the procedure stimulates the production of collagen from the inside out and restores the firmness of the skin in the region. “I had already done it on my abdomen for years after having a child. I had a certain flaccidity in the region and I loved the result! I felt it was less flaccid, the skin smoother and harder. I repeated the application at the beginning of last year and now I chose to do it in another body area, the butt, “he explained at the time.

Artist keeps fit in shape after two pregnancies

Mother of Pedro and Antonio, Juliana does not accept that the search for the perfect body forces her to sacrifice the small pleasures of everyday life. “What women need is to stop copying what their friend does, to stop following what her sister says. We have to be honest with ourselves and find out what she likes. When I told the truth to my nutritionist, to my trainer and for myself, I started to get results with less effort “, she commented in an interview.

Juliana Paes respects your body’s natural rhythm

Juliana also denied being obsessed with fighting with the scale or the mannequin. According to the artist, she learned how to respect the natural rhythm of her body. “I found out that what works for me is training on an empty stomach. My bonbon from the night before guarantees me a good reserve of sugar. orthomolecular pre-training in capsules along with my detox juice “, he detailed.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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