Juliana Didone reports complication in childbirth: ‘We almost lost her’

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Juliana Didone revealed that her daughter, Liz, 2, almost died in childbirth. As a result of her marriage to the artist Flávio Rossi, from whom she separated in 2019 after six years of relationship, the girl was born after an emergency cesarean section after the actress had prepared to give birth in a natural way. “Every delivery marks the woman, but, for me, it marked negatively. And it generated absurd frustration. I had dedicated myself to this delivery. There was a doula, a nurse, a plastic tub in the middle of the room,” he recalled for the program. GNT “Welcome”. “The pains started to intensify. It lasted all night. Then the nurse came and touched me. When she said I was two inches dilated, I said, ‘No.’ Twenty-four hours after this work started I gave birth to the hospital. She touched me again, I had six dilatations. I said: ‘It’s not possible’ “, continued Juliana.

Juliana turned the second morning in labor of the daughter

One of the “Dance of the Famous” champions went on in her account, adding that she used a force classified as “extraordinary” whenever she felt new contractions. “We were in the second dawn of labor. Around the time I heard: ‘Don’t give up, are you going to give up?’. there were those people saying ‘no, no, no’ “, continued the actress, away from TV since the end of the soap opera” Topíssima “(2019), a work that marked her return to the small screen after motherhood.

Juliana’s mother advised her daughter to have a cesarean: ‘It was a guardian angel’

Still in her account, Liz’s mother recalled trying to give birth in another way. “We tried Kiwi, a procedure that we don’t even use today. You talk to pediatricians and they think it’s crazy. It’s like a vacuum, which pulls. it’s almost, it’s almost ‘. Dawn came, 6 am. I was already exhausted, “she said. Only then did Juliana turn to her mother. “It was a guardian angel. She said, ‘What? Go to the C-section now’. And there was real illumination. Liz was born by an emergency C-section, her head was all hurt by the vacuum. , defined the actress with over 15 works on TV.

‘I felt terrible,’ said Juliana after giving birth to her daughter

Soon after delivery, the girl had to be taken to the incubator, Juliana recalled. “I felt terrible, because, at some point of so much study (…) we almost lost our daughter. At the time, I said: ‘Tear up everything you created in your head and hear yourself. Hear your daughter, hear the you want ‘. I’m sure today that our instinct always speaks to us, only sometimes it is quiet. If we let the other person’s voice speak more, we get lost, you know? “, he concluded.

(por Guilherme Guidorizzi)


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