Julián Pérez Regio, the most brazen mobile on TV from the quarantine

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At the age of 29, he works in three programs, in which he shines for his self-confidence. His replication and his ability to make hilarious notes on the street made him a key piece of “Everything can pass.”

Julian Perez Regio He’s one of those guys who seems predestined for success on television. By dint of insistence, impudence and charisma, this 29-year-old announcer has been making noise like the funny chronicler of the pandemic Buenos Aires. Something like a Robertito Funes Ugarte, with more neighborhood and street.

Born and raised in Floresta, JPR is living its best professional moment, accumulating hours of air in The problem show (Monday to Friday, at 1:30 p.m. for Elnueve), We have WiFi (Monday to Friday at 20, by KZO) and in Everything can happen (Sundays at 23, by Elnueve).

“I do not stop. And I am looking for more work, more things. I am a manija. I love to work. I am clear that I love this and that since I started, at 16, until driving in an air channel I will not stop. That is my great goal. It’s going to happen, “he confesses.

In this context of health emergency, his imprint of noterous cheekiness who looks for hidden talents and bizarre characters in the street, Pérez Regio added a journalistic profile such as talk show star chronicler driven by Nicolás Magaldi.

“The program had to be reinvented due to the pandemic. AND I had to get into the villas: 1-11-14, La Gardel, La Cava, 31, Villa Azul, Villa Itatí, all the places with coronavirus. A little bit were the places where the chroniclers didn’t want to go, where it was a little more spicy around there, “he says.

“Me, as I was just starting, I wanted to eat the world, I did not care about anything. So we started with that, with merchants who went bankrupt, with infected people. The truth is that it was another role that I discovered that I could carry out and that I love, ”he says.

Pérez Regio got into the media with the same impudence that he faces passersby on the mobiles of the program carried out by Nicolás Occhiato Sunday nights

“I started in The main 40 when I was 16 years old. I stole from school because I was doing half bad, and I escaped to the door of the radio. One day I was able to enter the studio and I started asking questions live of Axel, who had gone to receive an award. I started to cross-examine and cross-examine until the driver got angry and they ended up cutting me out of the studio”, Reports.

Two days later he found out that the woman who had fired him was the director of the radio station and she wanted to try him out as a mobile phone. “I was in high school, I didn’t know what a cell phone was. And they sent me on a cell phone with Axel at Luna Park. That was on May 11, 2007: I did it with a Nokia 1100. And that’s where this path started in the media ”, he says, and remembers his leap to driver on the radio. streaming Coca Cola For Me.

He says he was always a restless guy and search. “At the age of 8 he sold soda cans at the door of the Santojanni Hospital to collect twine. With my old woman there was nothing left over, and we helped her with my brother, “he recalls.

In 2017, she auditioned at the Endemol-Ktz production company and He went on TV sponsored by Mariano Iúdica, with whom he worked as an announcer and producer in the cycles Playful al dente e Involved (America). She was also part of the KZO program Blondes plus one, of Marcela tinayre, where in addition to serving as an announcer and producer, he spoke about sports.

“I always sought not to occupy a single role, adapted to today’s times, trying to work on the idea and creativity of each program,” explains this fanatic fan of Banfield that usually conducts the events of the club of the south of the Conurbano.

As a street chronicler of Everything can happen, JPR became a fundamental piece, by dint of improvising notes with strangers and making people come out from the balconies in times of strict quarantine.

“Sometimes it happened to me that I saw bigger mobile people with a coat … and I was not in that world. I was more like a chronicler in slippers, counting things from another side, without so much structure, looking for a different turn to what everyone is counting. That makes me go well sometimes and sometimes it gets me into trouble ”, he confesses.

-The “cheeky chronicler”, was he born or made on the road?

I think it has to do with how I am and that I come from a neighborhood like Floresta, where nothing was left over or missing, from being on the street all day. Things that somehow make you look for it and have friction with people. And I ended up applying that in the laburo. It took me years to realize that I was doing it, I was half unconscious. Now I am sent anywhere, I speak to anyone as equals, without prejudging and always open to surprise, trying to generate humor, with good vibes.


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