Julián Álvarez, Marcelo Gallardo’s strong bet for the restart of the Copa Libertadores

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The twenty-year-old appears as a starter for the game on Thursday 17 against São Paulo, in Brazil.

Those who know Marcelo Gallardo privately do not hesitate to point out that the coach has a special devotion to Julián Álvarez. Those close to him say more: something similar had happened to him with Sebastian Driussi in 2014.

He Doll sees a lot of potential in the 20-year-old youth, who made his debut in the Copa Libertadores no less than in the final against Boca in Madrid and who also played a few minutes in last year’s final against Flamengo, in Lima.

And the River coach trusts Alvarez so much that appears as headline for the restart of the season that will begin with the duel with São Paulo in Brazil, on Thursday 17.

Gallardo stopped a team for the first time and surprised: erased the line of 5 defenders With which he played earlier this year and added Alvarez in the midfield. The mention of Driussi is not whimsical, because Álvarez can draw a similar path to that of the striker who plays for Zenit in Russia.

At the time, the Doll he looked for a place as a steering wheel Gordo because in the attack there were names of weight. Thus it was that Driussi played for more than a year as a midfielder and only in 2017 was he able to do an attacking pair with Lucas Alario.

Álvarez performed all the Inferiors as a playmaker, but he knows well the role of the offensive midfielder. In Argentina’s Under 20 National Team he has played several games lying down on the right. Also in River did the band in several meetings. And in that sector Gallardo is thinking about it for now, who will keep Matías Suárez and Rafael Santos Borré in the attack, with Lucas Pratto as reserve.

The 2019 River was the best of all the Gallardo River, a few steps above that of 2014. That team played with a 4-1-3-2, with a midfield made up of Nacho Fernández on the right, Exequiel Palacios in front of Enzo Pérez and Nicolás De la Cruz on the left.

Palacios’ departure to Bayer Leverkusen modified the structure of Núñez’s team and there the Doll bet on the line of 5 defenders. But now Gallardo seems willing to recover the structure that gave him the most satisfaction. And for that he had to adjust some parts.

Nacho Fernández will leave the place that best suits him, leaning on the right, and will stand a few steps ahead of Pérez, as Palacios did. And the vacancy of Fernández was filled by Alvarez, an energetic striker, with interesting movements and with a great ability to score crosses with the ball in motion.

Gallardo’s doubts seem to be in the central defense. Montiel and Casco will be the sides and Lucas Martínez Quarta has the place assured. Robert Rojas, Javier Pinola and Paulo Díaz are fighting for the vacancy. The Paraguayan was the one who finished playing the best. He too Doll He tried Bruno Zuculini as a stopper midfielder just in case Enzo Pérez could not hold the pace after so many days without activity.



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