Presenter Juha Perälä returns to Radio Suomipop, but not to Morning Milk. Perälä talks about it on Youtube and Instagram. Radio Suomipop has also dealt with the matter update.

– To make this fall even more rocky! There is news in the stern, the radio station rejoices.

Perälä talks about his return decision on Youtube in the sauna video.

– A few weeks ago, it was called that there would be interest in coming back to the radio, Perälä says in his sauna.

At the opening lunch, he was asked what kind of radio program he would like to do. He announced that he wanted to do Perälä’s customer service.

– I’m not going back to Morning Milk, it’s over. Peris is gone. But Perälä is back, Perälä promises in the video he shared.

The first episode of Perälä’s customer service is scheduled for Friday 11.9.

Juha Perälä resigned from Suomipop in early 2019. After radio work, Perälä has, for example, traveled and pursued hobbies. In addition, he has made Youtube videos and helped unemployed youth get jobs. Juha Perälä lives with his fiancé Noora.

For a long time, Perälä did Morning Milking together with Anni Hautala and Jaajo Linnonmaa.