The battle between Epic Games Y Apple it gets more and more complicated. The judge who brings the lawsuit of the study behind Fortnite, He considers that he has not been completely honest with the apple company.

In case you missed it, there has been a sharp gap between Epic Games Y Apple after Fortnite, The popular Battle Royale, will be banned from the app store for users iOS.

The argument is that Fortnite allowed users to buy coins for the game at a lower price by skipping the payment system they have Apple Y Google, which prevented both companies from charging a 30% commission for each transaction.

However, Epic Games considers that this percentage is an abuse for developers, encouraging innovation and competition to stop.

In fact, Fortnite summoned players to a special event to continue the war with Apple, while the company argues that the guidelines of the App Store regarding in-app payments that are implemented to everyone who sells digital goods or services.

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The end of the war between Apple and Epic Games is far away

Through a preliminary hearing, Judge Yvonne González Rogers has expressed her concern about the problems that the case raises, as well as her disagreement with some of the actions that she has carried out. Epic Games.

“There are many people in the public consider them heroes for what they have done, but it is not honest,” he explained, alluding to the modification made by the study to evade the rules of the Apple application store.

On the other hand, Fortnite’s lawyers justified these actions by assuring that they were only positioning themselves in the face of Apple’s anti-competitive attitude.

However, the judge was not convinced by the argument, assuring that what she has done Apple not much different than what other companies have done like Nintendo, Sony The Microsoft.

“It’s hard to ignore the economics of the industry, which is what they are asking me to do,” González Rogers said.

It appears that the case is far from over, at least until next year. The judge has estimated that she expects the trial to begin until July 2021, so users of iOS They will not be able to enjoy the news of Fortnite, a situation that will represent very large economic losses for Epic Games.

Meanwhile, other companies like Spotify, Deezer, Tile and 9 other major digital platforms have teamed up with Epic Games to change the rules of the App Store Y Play Store.

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