Juanfer Quintero has already arrived in China and River awaits the dollars for his pass

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The Colombian is already on Asian soil to undergo a medical examination and sign his contract with Shenzhen Kaisa. He will only play in 2021.

The first step of the outcome of a very long novel has already been taken: Juan Fernando Quintero traveled to China for the weekend and is already on Asian soil to undergo a medical examination and then sign his contract with Shenzhen Kaisa.

The midfielder, who was in his native Colombia, packed his bags and, already on Chinese soil, this Monday uploaded to Instagram a story installed in the city of Hangzhou, looking at a landscape from your personal computer. And with a mate, a custom he adopted from his time in Argentina.

For River it is an important fact that Quintero, that he will not play in Shenzhen until 2021 because the transfer market is already closed in the Chinese territory, be there.

Now it remains to be known if they will force Juanfer to do a 14-day isolation or shortly they will do the respective medical check-ups so that he can sign his contract, the operation is closed and the Núñez club can collect the first installment (it would be around five million dollars ) of the transfer (between eight and nine suits of US currency).

This could end a soap opera-sloppy- with a player who left Argentina on September 3 (He had said goodbye to his colleagues days before).

First he was in Miami – for commercial reasons – and then he moved to his native Colombia to process the work visa. Now, already in China, the last chapter is expected, with a happy ending for all parties.

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