Juana Viale vs. Andy Kusnetzoff: two styles in the battle for Saturday’s ratings

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The actress and the host compete in prime time, head to head: the same one does not always win. Last week they tied. The game of the differences between one and the other.

At the beginning of the pandemic, open television found an interesting spark in the battle for ratings on Saturday nights, with the confrontation between Mirtha’s night (The Thirteen) and PH / We can talk (Telefe).

The bid for the guests and the protocols to carry out each program respecting the format in the middle of the Covid-19 era put them in a spicy heads up weekly. But, basically, because of the style of its drivers: Juana Viale and Andy Kusnetzoff, respectively. Two high profile.

The competition had a forced stop in mid-July, when Kusnetzoff was tested positive for coronavirus. The driver had to take a break from work (he also left his daily radio show) to recover.

At that moment, his artistic opponent sent him a message on the air: “I want to send Andy a big kiss for his speedy improvement, so he goes back to doing his show and we compete, baby”said Juana, back in July, mischievously.

On Saturday, September 12, already recovered – he had returned the week before to the screen, with some variants related to health security to prevent infections -, they tied at 9 points. With very different guest profiles, the first half hour was won by Juana and then Andy came to the fore, measuring from minute to minute.

Here, a review of the similarities and differences between the original driver of PH and the replacement for Mirtha Legrand, in a gesture of caring for her granddaughter.

While Andy, about to turn 50, has had a career in front of cameras and microphones for more than two decades, Juana came to driving from acting and driven by circumstances.

As on the radio, Kusnetzoff worked as a notary and chronicler in different cycles, until he achieved a space as a conductor with his own program.

For her part, Juana, with almost two decades as an actress, this year the pandemic temporarily diverted her from that path to occupy the seat of the driver in her grandmother’s historic program (she also replaces her in Lunch with Mirtha Legrand).

Although she had done it before, sporadically, when the diva had a surgical intervention, this time Juana took charge and took the famous cycle continuously on her shoulder. It seems to have taken him so much pleasure that it would not be unreasonable to think that alternates the emblematic chair with Chiquita.

More informal and relaxed than his grandmother, Juana allows herself a hand-in-hand drive with the guests. Over the months, the actress se was encouraging more and more to tell their privacy and his daily life, raising his profile, with mischief and humor.

For its part, Andy appeals more to irony, is skilled at taking guests to a terrain of intimacy and emotion, giving them the space to expand creating climates and even, many times, some impact.

While the two drivers are better at dealing with celebrities in a relaxed round trip, equally the toughest topics, such as politics and current affairs, are not left out of their tables.

In this case, Juana expresses her opinions more openly, which more than once aroused controversy and led her to clarify and apologize later, while Andy prefers to comment from a more moderate tone. Although from time to time he makes clear his position on a particular issue.

From a well-known family, the Legrand-Tinayre, Juana moves in the media like a fish in water. The year of the pandemic will be remembered as the one in which he added a new facet to his career.

For his part, Andy also has a famous relative: his father is the sexologist Juan Carlos Kusnetzoff, who became known in the media, as Doctor K, giving his opinion on his specialty.


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