Juana Viale announced how and when Mirtha Legrand will return to TV

In the middle of her El Trece program, Chiquita’s granddaughter gave details of the diva’s return to “La noche de Mirtha”, after nine months.

Mirtha Legrand will once again sit at the table of her program, the one she knew how to drive for 52 years. After nine months in seclusion because of the coronavirus pandemic, The legendary host will return to the screen on Saturday, December 19.

This was confirmed this Sunday by his granddaughter, Juana Viale, that He knew how to replace her since March 21 at the head of the tables of La Noche de Mirtha, on Saturday nights and at Lunch with Mirtha Legrand, Sundays at noon.

On his return, Mirtha and Juana will share a dinner alone. Who will occupy the head and who will be the guest? There are still no details about it, but everything indicates that the grandmother will return to her historic role and the granddaughter, who will receive her with open arms but no longer as a driver. Will have to see.

The producer of the cycle, Nacho Viale, had already given a clue on Saturday night. Juana’s brother and Mirtha’s grandson posted a date (12/19) on his Twitter account, next to the emoticons of two women, a brunette and a blonde with a crown, a television, a plate and a set of cutlery.

Mirtha stopped going to the studios to conduct her program a few days before the ASPO (Mandatory Preventive Social Isolation) was formally declared due to the pandemic. From Saturday March 21 was replaced in the conduction of her two programs by her granddaughter, Juana.

It was an especially difficult year for Mirtha. In addition to having to stay at home due to her age (93 years), which made her a person at risk in case of contracting coronavirus, during the first section of the quarantine she had one of the worst news of her life.

On May 1 there was lto the death of Silvia “Goldie” Legrand, her twin sister, who suffered a heart attack while she slept, at his house in Olivos. The sisters were very attached and communicated by phone on a daily basis.

For the pandemic, Mirtha was unable to attend Goldie’s funeral. Only a small group of family members could go to say goodbye to the retired actress. In this way, the driver was left without living siblings: José Martínez Suárez, the older brother of the twins, had died on August 17, 2019.

During these months, Mirtha was very aware of what was happening in her program, and even went on the air several times by phone. As the days went by, Juana Viale felt more and more comfortable driving, to the point that it was doubted that the grandmother would return to occupy the throne.

In August, invited to Truth Consequence (TN, Monday at 11 pm), Juanita gave her first opinion about the possibility of receiving the artistic legacy of Chiqui: “If my grandmother gives in, I’m here to occupy her space”.

But in those days, in dialogue with Firsts Now, Mirtha herself was in charge of clearing those rumors. “I see Juana splendid, she has had a wonderful evolution in the program. But do not invent, that is false. The owner of the program is me, although now there are two owners, her and me“, declared the mythical diva.

And that will be evident more than ever on the night of December 19, when grandmother and granddaughter, Mirtha and Juana, share a dinner alone, but televised across the country.



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