Juan Sánchez Miño, in Lionel Messi mode: he does not train and asks to leave Independiente

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The full back trains with the Reserve and is firm in his idea of ​​leaving the club. But unlike the Flea, he is still far from a deal.

He asked to leave, arguing a wear with the leadership. Of his own accord, he withdrew from the professional establishment. He began to look for alternatives to continue his career elsewhere. He was absent from practice, although he does not want to go wrong. But the leadership does not let him go under their pretensions. No, it is not Lionel Messi, who will finally continue in Barcelona despite everything. The protagonist of this story similar to that of 10 Rosario is Juan Sanchez Miño, who is still bidding to emigrate from Independiente.

Unlike The fleaThis 30-year-old left-hander for now did not change his position of wanting to leave, despite the fact that for now he did not reach an agreement with the Board of Directors to unlock his situation. You already made up your mind to change the air a while ago and stands firm.

It was in July when Sánchez Miño modified what he had expressed in a press conference and said enough. “Who are the ones who want to leave Independiente? Nobody wants to leave”, the ex-Boca and Estudiantes had challenged the press before the query about the exodus of referents from the campus after the salary conflict and the dispute with the directors. Two weeks later, he communicated to Lucas Pusineri his wishes not to continue.

The argument behind closed doors was the wear produced by the broken relationship with the leadership of Red. DT tried to persuade him. Manager Jorge Burruchaga also chatted with him to see if he could reverse his position. They did not succeed. The defender who was champion of the Copa Sudamericana 2017 and the Suruga Bank 2018 was and is convinced.

He automatically chose not to train under the orders of Pusineri and joined the Reserve group, commanded by Fernando Berón. First, via Zoom and then in Villa Domínico. Meanwhile, his representative, Gastón Fernández, negotiated his departure.

He sought to leave in exchange for the debt they have with him plus a certain amount of compensation, since the directors want at least 1.2 million dollars for his pass. There was no understanding. So, they began to track down some interested club.

From Major League Soccer they showed serious intentions. Sporting Kansas City contacted him and made him a direct offer. The compensation to Independiente would come from that amount that was not disclosed. And the player would resign his debt. However, this was not enough for the Avellaneda club and everything was stagnant.

Parallel to this, the winger missed several training sessions in Dominico. A way to put pressure? A way of protest? The concrete thing is that the footballer is not at all comfortable and needs to solve his future. In Independiente they ask for more money to open the door for him. The talks continue and the end of this story is uncertain.

Sánchez Miño got in Messi mode. But it seems that he will not back down.



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