Juan Manuel Lugones resigned from Aprevide after a police report for sexual abuse

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The woman worked as the official’s private secretary. He accuses him of groping, insinuations and mistreatment.

The holder of the Agency Prevention of Violence in Sports in the Province of Buenos Aires (Aprevide), Juan Manuel Lugones, who is awaiting an oral trial accused of sexual abuse, threats and abuse of authority, resigned his post after stating that he is “paying the cost of fighting the mafias.”

According to judicial sources, in the investigation of the case carried out by the UFI 15 of La Plata (prosecutor Cecilia Corfield), at least 16 witnesses supported the testimony of the complainant.

From the presentation, different associations lobbied for him to be dismissed, including the Coordinator of Human Rights of Argentine Soccer, the Coordinator without Borders of Feminist Soccer and the Coordinator of Fans.

Lugones, who had been appointed to office by former Buenos Aires governor María Eugenia Vidal and ratified by the current Minister of Security of the Province, Sergio Berni, explained his decision through a video broadcast on social networks.

“This morning I presented my resignation as head of Aprevide,” said Lugones, who later thanked “the trust” of Vidal and Cristian Ritondo, currently a national deputy and Berni’s predecessor in the Buenos Aires Security portfolio.

“We were able to do things that had never been done before,” said Lugones, among which he listed the imprisonment of different barrabravas, the possibility of organizing more than 500 games with fans of both teams and returning money to the security services clubs that do not they had been realized.

Lugones also thanked “the good policemen” and the support of the current president of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Claudio “Chiqui” Tapia.

Fighting the football mafias and all the mafias has a price and I am paying it“, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Lugones awaits the start of the oral trial that follows after being denounced last February by the police for “sexual abuse, threats and abuse of authority.”



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