Juan Carlos Baglietto and Lito Vitale: good music and cuisine

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Historical buddies, they tell the way they go through quarantine (Baglietto cooks on YouTube) and give details of the streaming show that they will do this Sunday 27.

A duo whose key is interpretive quality, Lito Vitale (58) and Juan Carlos Baglietto (64) are part of a brilliant generation of popular music in Argentina. The duo will perform this Sunday, September 27, at 7:30 p.m., with the streaming concert “Actuar para vivir”, from Casa San Telmo. During phone conversations with Clarion agreed that “we need contact with the public” and that the tour for their thirty years as a duo, which will be completed next year, is contingent on finding a vaccine against it. coronavirus.

Almost 30 years of a creative artistic society. that far from blending in with each other. took very different paths, at least to go through quarantine. Indeed, while Lito Vitale decided to take refuge in his family and in music, since he has just released “Nocturnal, an album of classical piano solo that is already on Spotify; Juan Carlos Baglietto began uploading kitchen microphones through YouTube And this is unexpected in this singer and composer from Rosario.

-How did this initiative to make kitchen microphones come about?

Baglietto: I tried to make a contribution for this quarantine period from a very domestic place, the kitchen. We are in a difficult time, we rarely go out on the streets and then a proposal is to cook with what is left over from other meals, something like revaluing that food that is left over and turning it into another dish. Nothing is taken away, everything is transformed it’s called the program and it was something that was always done in my house. I come from a working middle class family that met in the kitchen and where it was shared most was precisely in the food. In quarantine, when everyone is home, food plays a very important place. My mother Hilda and my aunt Nelly were very creative in the kitchen; the credit was making incredible dishes with what was left of other meals.

-To the decks, you added the music.

Baglietto: Yes, during the micros I listen to music and talk about what I listen to. Anyway, music is part of my life and I couldn’t miss it. Now, together with my children, we are preparing a kitchen in the studio to make binding programs between food and music. There will be guests who will cook or I will cook, we will taste those dishes and then play.

For his part, Vitale recorded in Nocturnal ten classics, among them, When the dawn comesby Jorge Cafrune; Backwater Prayerby Jorge Fandermole; The land of freedomby León Gieco; The pomeña, from Castilla-Leguizamón; White saturdays, from Los Tipitos and Winter confessions, by Sui Generis, songs in half time and with arrangements of a delicious subtlety and sensitivity.

“In my quarantine I took refuge in my family and in music. I watched movies, some that I owed, but basically it was my family that helped me get through this time. I missed my youngest son who was with his mother very much and I couldn’t see him until the possibility of visiting him was opened and in the first weeks I recorded Nocturnal, an album that is on Spotify with classics played on piano and then the space came out on public television with Vitale at Midnight, which has me quite busy in the selection, “says Lito.

-How do you live this next 30-year anniversary as a duo?

Vitale: If life allows us, we plan to celebrate it next year with a tour. And I live it as a celebration; we have done many concerts, but each one has also developed many parallel projects and we always choose each other again; We have always given ourselves a lot of space and as I said, we choose again.

Baglietto: With joy and uncertainty; we have an important project prepared for next year and we remain hopeful that the vaccine will appear. It is a tour of the country that includes large cities and in small places. We are a very compact duo, we can travel and prepare each concert especially so that it sounds good; but the whole tour is contingent on the vaccine.

“Otherwise, we will have to continue with this type of streaming presentations that cannot be done very often or auto-shows. Music will be one of the last activities to return and I don’t think it will be exactly as before, as we knew them at least for a long time. It also seems to me that streaming will coexist with public performances, not only because they can be seen in remote places, but also because there are people who prefer to stay at home; in that this new normality, which I don’t see as anything normal, made this new path possible ”, continues Baglietto.

-Each one has made their career separately. What do you feel you gain artistically by performing as a duo?

Vitale: I would not say that he won, but that Juan adds me the sung music; I am a musician who makes instrumental music and of all the artists that I accompanied Juan comes to me in a special way. Her lyrics are part of my project, I feel them very close, in addition to the personal and the human that brings us together.

Baglietto: Together we generate something that we cannot do individually because we both put ourselves at the service of a third possibility which is the duo. That is the real reason for this meeting, we generate something that we cannot alone. There is a very special chemistry between us. I would tell you that of all the musicians who have accompanied me and as a singer I have gone through many experiences, Lito is unique, not only for the ideas he transmits, but also for his way of accompanying and how he listens. Get involved and defend the result. There are virtuous musicians who end up competing with the singer; also, in some musicians, there is a certain prejudice with the song, with the word and that, in Lito I don’t know. He watches his midnight program on Public TV, in which he invites a huge variety of artists, he has no prejudices. And of course there is also in all this an emotional issue for which we continue to choose ourselves.

-What repertoire will you do for this presentation?


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