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The Mossos d’Esquadra have found dead this Sunday in a wooded area of ​​Barcelona to Jose Rodriguez Salvador, known as the «rapist of the Vall d’Hebron», Who in the mid-1990s was sentenced to more than 300 years for 17 rapes.

Sources close to the investigation have assured Efe that Rodríguez Salvador, 61, apparently died accidentally, when he fell down an embankment.

According to the Ser chain, he was found dead in a wooded area of ​​the Nou Barris district of Barcelona.

Rodríguez Salvador was released from jail in September 2007 after serving 16 of the 311 years that he was sentenced for 17 sexual assaults after benefiting from several convictions, and left jail without the psychologists of the Quatre Camins de La prison. Roca del Vallés (Barcelona), where he served his sentence, they consider him rehabilitated.

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) asked the Barcelona Court up to three times to apply the “Parot doctrine” on the calculation of penalties to extend the prison term of the rapist, but all his attempts were rejected, and finally went to the Supreme.

The Supreme Court admitted in 2008 the appeal of the Prosecutor’s Office against his release, and said that the so-called “Parot doctrine” would apply to him, which establishes that prison benefits must be computed on each of the sentences imposed and not on the total sentence , so he returned to prison.

He remained there until 2012, when he was finally released after serving 20 years in prison, although the Prosecutor’s Office asked the Mossos to follow up on him.

The newspaper El País assures that his family denounced his disappearance on Saturday and that finally the agents have crossed the data when this Sunday they found a body in the area of ​​the Alta de les Roquetes road, in the Canyelles neighborhood of Nou Barris.



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