Jos Verstappen finished with Toto Wolff: “No need to call anymore”

After the British Grand Prix, Max Verstappen’s relationship with Lewis Hamilton is strained. Jos Verstappen claims that the same applies to the relationship between Toto Wolff and Verstappens, Mercedes team boss.

It was inevitable that the war between Max Verstappenon Lewis HamiltonYou would be in tears. It happened last weekend for the first time. In the British Grand Prix’s opening round, the F1 title battle was fierce. At Copse Corner, it all went wrong. Hamilton chose to go inside, and Verstappen’s right rear tire was slashed. The Red Bull RacingDriver came in contact with tire stacks, resulting in a sore neck.

Hamilton was given a 10-second penalty for the incident but he still won his home race for the eighth consecutive time. Jos Verstappen expressed irritation at Hamilton’s punishment during the race. Ex-Formula 1 driver and former world champion was particularly unhappy after the race. “You don’t celebrate a victory so exuberantly when your colleague is still in the hospital”, is his clear position in conversation with F1-Insider.

Verstappen senior’s anger is not just about Hamilton’s behavior but also the attitude of MercedesToto Wolff is Team Principal. The 107-time GP competitor is now done with Austria. “We have had good contact for years. He calls us repeatedly and then starts smudging. Everybody knows why. He did not report on Sunday.” Wolff may change his mind, and pick up the phone to call Verstappens. However, it is too late. “Now he doesn’t have to call anymore.”

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