Joan Mir He is the fourth Spanish rider to win a motorcycling world championship in the highest category (500cc or MotoGP), and the second to be Majorcan after Jorge Lorenzo.

It is not by chance and, in part, it is due to the contribution of the Lorenzo family, specifically his father. Chicho lorenzo It took him very little to get his chest out for the milestone achieved by the Suzuki rider. In the early stages of his sports career, even as a child, the world champion today was in the care of Jorge’s father, who has taken the opportunity to pass bills for his contribution and his turbulent exit from the environment of ’99’.

I was kicked out like a dog from my son’s environment when he turned 18, saying that the credit was theirs, that I had no idea. I swore to show that I could train a whole generation of Mallorcan pilots to reach the World Championship. 14 years later the goal has been achieved, “he said on Saturday, even before Mir’s title was confirmed.

Once Mir entered the Cheste goal, Chicho Lorenzo took a photo from the archive with his boys to show off the milestone achieved. Notes that they put many complications in their attempts, but even so his contribution was, in his opinion, key.

“I set out to train a generation of Majorcans to reach the World Cup, to show all those scoundrels that I could repeat my son’s successes with other pilots. I created a plan and I put myself to work hard, they put all kinds of sticks on me. wheels, but … “, he left in the air.

He also remembered it again when his own son, three-time MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, congratulated his countryman. “Of those three MotoGP Champions, two started with me”, showed off.