Comedian Jope Ruonansuu, who died in July at the age of 56, left a big gap not only in the Finnish entertainment world but also in the hearts of friends.

On Saturday, Jope Ruonansuu’s friends organized a memorial concert at the Lahti Motorcycle Museum’s Ace Cafe. The proceeds of the concert went directly to the Ruonansuu family.

– After Jope’s death, the family was cramped, says Jato’s long-time friend Mato Valtonen.

– When Jope got sick a couple of years ago, all the family’s income ran out like a wall.

Jopen Big-wife was working for Jope’s company as a gig salesman, so he was also left without earning income. Jope already had to sell his property at that time.

– In the end, Mari was Jope’s caregiver.

– So that disease cost a lot, Mato says.

As the grief news of Jopen’s death spread, Jopen’s friends Tapio Pieskä, Riku Routo and Mato Valtonen decided to organize a charity concert. However, first the permit was confirmed by the Mari widow. That’s how it was born Aatteleppa Jacket concert called.

Mato Valtonen has known Jope since 1986, when Jope was involved with her and Sakke Järvenpää hosted, legendary Bun driversradio program.

– As a friend, Jope was such that you can’t say a bad word about him.

– All kinds of fun were invented. Jope had a particularly good situation comic. I don’t know anyone who would have come up with stuff in their head just as quickly.

The worm was in contact with Jope until his last moments.

– Due to the pandemic, we could no longer meet face to face, but otherwise we were in contact.

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Mato Valtonen reveals that from him, Jope and Kjell Starckilta a joint humor book appeared a year ago.

– It’s called Bottom Club, and it is a playful book with wooden footstools. Just no one knows anything about it because the publisher forgot to market it, Mato laughs.

Mato Valtonen hoped that the concert would bring a lot of joy as well.

– Although there is longing in the air, Jope would like to be happy tonight as well. We have received so much from Jope that it is mutually an honor to host this concert.

Well-known artists such as Remu Aaltonen, Danny, Vicky Rosti and Ile Vainio. The event was hosted by Miia Nuutila and Jarkko Tamminen.