Vexi Salmi died on Tuesday of a rapidly progressing illness at Terhokodi in Helsinki. Veikko “Vexi” Salmi was a well-known and respected Finnish record producer and percussionist. He left behind numerous evergreens and hits.

Jonne Aaron recalls his mentor with warmth. The first encounter took place thanks to Olli Lindholm.

– We made Olli a single together and it went well. Vexi then suggested that more be done. Soon a bunch of songs came in the mail in a brown envelope, Jonne Aaron now recalls.

Jonne Aaron and Vexi Salmi also made songs together To Janne Tulk and Arja Koriseva.

– Yes, I felt that he was a mentor when I started writing in Finnish. He got really good advice. There couldn’t have been a better mentor for it, the singer praises Salme.

Vexi Salmi advised him on technology, for example.

– We could also talk about everything between earth and sky. He was a wise and calm guy, Jonne Aaron recalls.

– He got to live a colorful and wonderful life.

Vexi Salmi worked behind the scenes, but still saw artist life up close.

– He was an incomprehensible talent. Those last Mohicans in that genre, Jonne Aaron praises.

Jonne Aaronia was encouraged by Vexi Salmi from the beginning.

– I only have positive memories of him. It was always terribly encouraging. Always positive that the wind sails and let go but.