Jonah Hill makes a documentary about his shrink “for those who cannot afford psychotherapy”

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Jonah Hill’s second directorial film is a documentary about his psychotherapist Phil Stutz. His advice is available to all Netflix subscribers.

When Jonah Hill he dabbled in idiotic and slightly vulgar comedies SuXbad – Three minds above the hair, we never imagined that in the future it would radically change direction. And yet so it was. Not only did the actor get an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for The art of winning e The Wolf of Wall Street, but he also became a screenwriter and director. His first film behind the camera was comedy-drama Mid90s. Of the second, however, we have just received news.

On his Instagram page, Jonah Hill posted an image from the set of an untitled documentary dedicated to Dr. Phil Stutz, a famous psychiatrist who worked in the prisons of Rikers Island, aka the most famous prison in New York, and then opened his own studio. To produce the film, together with Jonah, Sara Joaquin Phoenix, his set mate in Don’t Worry. Jonah Hill he is also the author of the screenplay

In the caption accompanying the photo, in which it is seen Phil Stutz, we read: “Yesterday we started working on my second film as a director, which will go to Netflix. It is a documentary about my brilliant psychotherapist Dr. Phil Stutz and on psychotherapy in general. The idea is to make a film focusing on psychotherapy and the tools that Dr. Phil makes available to face life in a non-trivial or cheap way. Everything I have seen growing up about psychotherapy has stunned me. Thanks to Netflix, our crew, Joaquin Phoenix and other producers, and above all Phil for giving us the opportunity to make a doping film capable of making psychotherapy accessible to everyone on Netflix for personal use. If you can’t afford psychotherapy or you and your families have preconceptions, you can use these tools privately depending on the feelings you have (depression, anxiety, regret, etc.) and use them yourself at home by going to Netflix. With all my love. We all need it. “

The words of Jonah Hill they sound pleasant to us. Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, etc. are very expensive and, now that there is a pandemic and we are all a little upset, the idea of ​​free psychological help is a great comfort (assuming you are a Netflix subscriber, you mean ). So let’s hope the actor / director finishes his work soon so we can start loving each other. Phil Stutz is also the psychotherapist of Jonah Hill. If he could bring each of us a pinch of the luck that his famous patient has had, we would be more than happy.


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