Johnson Lays Out “Tougher” Plan Against Covid By The End Of Lockdown Next Week

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday ordered the United Kingdom to make “one last effort” in the fight against Covid-19 by explaining that the country will return to a “tougher” system of selective restrictions than the previous one when the current confinement ends, on December 2.

The Conservative leader has appeared before the House of Commons virtually from his office at 10 Downing Street, where he continues his isolation after being in contact with an infected person by coronavirus, after passing the disease himself.

As part of the so-called “winter plan” against the pandemic, Johnson has confirmed that the gyms and non-essential goods shops – currently closed – will operate again from next Wednesday and a three-level system of restrictions (medium, high and very high alert).

A “tougher” system than the previous one

The Chief Executive has said that this new program will be “tougher” than the one applied before this confinement, since the country is not yet “out of danger.”

In this way, citizens must work from home whenever they can in the areas included in the first level of restriction (medium), while in the second stage of risk pubs They can only serve alcohol if it is as an accompaniment of a meal.

At the top of that scale of three, indoor entertainment venues and hotels will have to close and pubs and restaurants will only be able to serve food if they are to take away, although their closing time will be extended until 11 pm.

Changes in the test system

The Conservative leader has also announced that a daily Covid test will be offered soon for a week to close contacts of people infected with the virus, as a way to reduce quarantines. In addition, he added, a massive coronavirus testing system will be introduced for six weeks in the areas of the most severe level of restrictions.

“With the expansion of tests and vaccines ever closer, the regional system of restriction levels will help to have the virus under control,” said the prime minister, who believes that, “for the first time, a route out of the pandemic can be seen “.

The tests will also be available to nursing home visitors from England from next month, so that each resident will have the right to have two of their visitors take the test twice a week.

Those tests will be extended to all personnel working in the food manufacturing industry, in prisons and in vaccine programs starting next month.

On the other hand, from December 2, a partial return of fans to sports stadiums up to a maximum of 4,000 in the less severe restriction zone, up to 2,000 in high-risk areas and it will be prohibited in the maximum alert areas.

The Government plans to announce next Thursday at what level of restriction each English region will be included.

Christmas, still a mystery

Regarding another of the issues that keep the population most on edge, Christmas, the prime minister explained that he continues to work together with the authorities of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to agree on a common strategy that will foreseeably be disclosed At the end of the week.

“I can’t say that Christmas will be normal this year, but in times of adversity spending time with loved ones is even more precious, “said Johnson.

According to the latest figures released, the UK has registered 15,450 new positives of covid-19 in the last twenty-four hours and another 206 deaths related to the disease, for a total of 1,527,495 cases and 55,230 deaths since the start of the pandemic.



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