Johnny Flynn’s David Bowie “a real person, not an imitation”

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Presented at the Rome Film Fest, it is the film directed by Gabriel Range that tells the events that gave life to David Bowie’s most iconic alter ego: Ziggy Stardust. It will soon be in Italian cinemas distributed by I Wonder.

“The challenge of this film for me was to play a real person, and not just do a David Bowie imitation.”

So he speaks Johnny Flynn, English actor and musician who starred for Olivier Assayas in Something in the air e Sils Maria, and which appeared in theEmma. of Autumn de Wilde, and who is now called to take on the role of one of the most iconic and influential figures not only in music, but in art and pop culture of the last fifty years.
The film is called Stardust, was presented in the Official Selection of the Rome Film Fest, is directed by Gabriel Range, and tells the events that gave birth to the most iconic alter ego of David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust.
In particular, he tells about the trip made by Bowie in the United States in 1971, to promote his third album, “The Man Who Sold the World”, which was struggling to take off, especially in America. A journey that will lead him to confront his demons and to free himself from some fears that blocked him in his artistic expression.

He sought his own identity as an artist and had to face the real fear of mental illness, “says the director of Stardust, Gabriel Range. “It’s curious that few people know Bowie’s personal and family history, that his stepbrother Terry – who had been a great influence for him – was a victim of schizophrenia, and that David feared he’d have the same kind of fate. paired the fear of madness with his search for identity: this chapter of Bowie’s life was fascinating to me because Bowie is someone different to each of us, but all of his alter egos that arise from here.”
At that time, Range continues, Bowie “He wasn’t famous, he had a single hit that was considered a flash in the pan, and 12 singles that hadn’t been successful. Things weren’t that easy for him.”

“He was a man lost in search of his artistic voice, in full existential crisis, grappling with demons that somehow we all have,” he adds. Flynn, who then explains how to tell “the person with his problems and dilemmas” was much more interesting to him than doing “a roundup of his successes”, and that he hopes the story will encourage many young artists.
“Bowie had extraordinary determination,” however Range warns. “He has been rejected many times without being discouraged. Today it is thought that fame must come quickly, but Bowie talked of himself as a craftsman, and said he worked hard and long to become David Bowie.”

Stardust it will soon be in Italian cinemas distributed by I Wonder.


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