Actress Johnny Depp, 57, filed a lawsuit against the publisher and editor-in-chief of The British magazine The Sun in 2018 for being described as an wife-killer in an article and title related to his ex-wife, Amber Heard, 34. He wanted to clean up his reputation.

This year, the case has been in court in London for 16 days. The matter was resolved today, Monday. BBC reported that Depp has lost the battle against the justice magazine. Judge Justice Nicolin in the view, the article in The Sun is true in the light of the evidence presented in court. According to the judge, the article highlighted the perspective of victims of domestic violence.

In light of the evidence presented in court, the judge concluded that Depd had beaten Heard while under the influence of drugs. The first hit is said to have taken place in 2013.

“The Sun has been defending the victims and campaigning against domestic violence for more than 20 years. Victims of domestic violence must not be silenced. We thank the judge for this carefully considered decision and Amber Heard for his courage in bringing evidence to court, a magazine spokesman commented.

The Sun The magazine says Depp is now expected to pay millions of pounds in legal costs.

In the Metro magazine Amber Heard is said to have stated the judge’s decision as follows: “I am not surprised”.

Alliance of Horrors

Depp and Heard continued to sue the aftermath of their tumultuous marriage, which ended in 2017, this summer. The short and shabby coexistence of a couple who married in 2015 was overshadowed by numerous accusations of assault on both sides.

According to Heard, also known as an actor, Depp beat, kicked and strangled him during his marriage, among other things. However, Depp said the allegations were unfounded and he denied the charges. In return, Depp accused Heard of hitting, kicking, and throwing him stuff.

The trial of Depp and The Sun began in July in London. Treatment was supposed to begin earlier in the spring, but the coronary pandemic messed up schedules.

Depp, through his lawyers, denied in court all of Heard’s allegations that the man had beaten him. According to Depp’s legal team, all such allegations are “complete lies”. In their view, The Sun’s article damaged Depp’s public image with false accusations.

According to the lawyers defending the newspaper, Depp’s violent behavior due to drugs and alcohol made Heard fear for his life and injured him. According to lawyers, this entitled the magazine to publish an article based on Heard’s experiences.

The ex-couple is still having a legal battle with each other in the United States.