“Can anyone explain to me why a statue of Lincoln looks like it was torn down in Portland?” I ask for a friend “, Lennon wrote on Twitter.

Sean Lennon, a musician and songwriter who has played in several bands over the years, then sarcastically suggested that the protesters did not go far enough in trying to correct humanity’s past mistakes.

“The pyramids of Giza were built with coercion by the evil pharaohs who were not very woke, John Lennon’s son wrote in another tweet, adding that “I think we can all agree that the pyramids must be torn down immediately.”

“Since the invasion of Britain by Emperor Julius Caesar in 55 BC, Italy has remained deafeningly silent. I think it’s time to hold Italy accountable, “SEan Lennon wrote in another tweet.

Recall that the protesters from the American city of Portland demolished on Sunday night, October 11, the statues of the former presidents of the United States Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln in a declaration of “anger” towards Columbus Day, according to the Associated Press.

Protesters called the event “Indigenous People’s Day” in response to a federal holiday in the United States on Monday named after Christopher Columbus.

The two monuments are the latest statues that were torn down in a wave of protests following the killing of African-American George Floyd by Minneapolis police.